Friday, July 31, 2009

Congrats Krista, Adam and Jadyn

My good friend Krista and her family, Adam and Jadyn, got a referral for a little girl on Wednesday...the day after we got our referral for Ade!

I had emailed her late, late, late Tuesday night with the news and then she phoned me Wednesday afternoon to tell me they got a referral too!!! When she phoned us, we were with our social worker going over Ade's file and signing our acceptance of his referral.

Pretty much didn't hear anything after that! :)

We are with the same agency so the chance we might get to travel together to bring our wee babies home is pretty good!

How exciting is that!!

Go give her your well wishes!!!


V said...

That's awesome!

I love love love that even though you have exciting news of your own to share and talk about, you are still super excited for others...

The same went for when you didn't have any news yet, too.

That's a very admirable trait to have!

Curvy Runner said...

I just came back from vacation in Nova Scotia and was ELATED to hear your referral news. I love the sign! Congratulations!