Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Wee Bit Spoiled Already!

So, baby Ade is already a wee bit spoiled!

It has been like Christmas around here except better than any Christmas I've ever known (well, the Christmas I got roller skates was pretty cool!)
Because we have been opening prezzies for Ade!!! I can't even tell you how exciting it was to get parcels with Ade's name on it!!!


Grandma Gloria got a wee bit carried away in the store it seems as evidence in the photo below.
She said she couldn't help herself and because in our referral photos Ade is wearing only a giant shirt and a diaper she wanted to send clothes to him that would fit and that the other babies in the foster home would fit and could wear too!!!

AWWWWWWW! I love my mom!

Grandma Yvonnea and Grandpa Gerard also gave us a gift on referral day! Ummmmm...that is not all Grandma Y has gotten us...we happen to know she has been picking up things for a while now :) Between the two Grandmas our baby boy will never have to worry about being well dressed!

Great Auntie Kerry sent a handmade Afghan, a receiving blanket, wash cloths and baby's first hair cut kit! (Hey, Auntie Kerry - do you love that you are a GREAT Auntie?)

On the day of our referral we received this gift from Julie!!!
Perfect timing!! A sling, a pair of shoe laces in the colors of Ethiopia and a shaker for the many mojitos I had been drinking! Funny! I haven't had any since our referral day! I better make one this weekend! (Now we need someone to teach us how to use the sling! Natasha - you up for it?)

Auntie Krista dropped by with some outfits for Ade...her and her husband got a referral for a baby girl the day after ours...they are holding hands right now in the foster home I know it!!!

Auntie Rhonda sent this CUTE sleeper, books and BPA free bottle!

Natasha and family gave Ade this ECO Truck!!! So cool!! Yvan was so excited (if you know us you know why) and we have both been taking turns smelling it!! It smells like wood!!!! So Cool!

Carolyn and Adam sent a little outfit, a toy and the cutest shoes!!!!! Oh boy, I can't wait to see those little shoes filled with little feet!

Cousins Gail, Kristin and Ashton sent this little care package!! The frame is so cute and she hand drew our little family in it...and the shoes she made herself!!!

Love it!!

Thank you to everyone for all the gifties!!!!

We can't wait for Ade to be home and wearing or playing with all of the fun stuff you sent :)


Carolyn said...

He is the most popular boy around! What awesome stuff you have been getting! His closet must be getting full already. It is very fun to see things come in the mail with your new baby's name on them!


lyndsey&kevin said...

Nice work!!!
I have a few of the SPRIG stuff it is amazing (we buy toys to keep us busy!! good for any age or sex--- I found a loop hole of things we COULD buy!!) They smell soooo good.
Yay Ade!!

Anonymous said...

Yay!! Prezzies!!

Bring your mojitos mixer to ET so you mix us all up a batch :-)


Chad, Laura and Sara said...

Spoiled is exactly how he should be treated - and you!!! What fun!


Shannon said...

Isn't it so much fun? I have to tell you, buying/getting presents for your little one never gets old. :)

Anonymous said...

Good work ADE!! Bah, spoiled, I don't think so at ALL :)

Sharla said...

Well that settles it guys are just going to have to move or rent a storage container to house all of Ade's stuff in! e is a very loved boy already, that is for sure!

Connie said...

It must be so exciting to get all these great gifts! That's great that you have so much support from friends and family!

PS: Thanks for adding my blog to your list!

D Dae said...

That is one popular little man!!!

Heidi said...

How exciting! Getting gifts must make the fact that Ade will be home soon all that much more real. He's a lucky little guy!


natasha said...

Wow!!! Must be so fun to look at all the presents and imagine Ade with them! It is so nice to hear the grin come through your email. I can just imagine you bouncing around!
I would love to give you any help you need with the sling. IMO, it is the only must have thing - besides diapers. Let me know when is good for you.

Crackerslowe said...


We had a sling too, and it was the best thing for when I was doing laundry or vacuuming or just general housework and either he didn't want to be put down ( or more likely) I didn't want to put him down. And the slings are super easy to use once someone shows you how. and there is tons of videos on the web on how to use them.

I do have to fess up a bit though, I had been shopping for a few weeks ( or more) for your new baby before you even got the referral. I just had this feeling it was going to be a boy.

Love lots,

Gail, Kris, and Ashton

The Warren Family said...

Congrats on the babe!! I never imagined I would have aken such a long break from reading blogs/following the online adoption world but now I am good to hear you guys had a referal! waited soooo long and I am so very happy for you both! Can't wait to see pics of your little guy when you can finally post them.
Shannon (-:

Leah said...

Such adorable stuff. Your little one is quite spoiled already, but it wouldn't be right any other way.

darci said...

so so fun!