Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Going To The Chapel...

...and we're gonna get married!!

Not us!

These two

D & K

getting married this weekend after 7 years of dating!

It's about time :)

D is Yvan's sister by birth and she is my sister from another Mister!!!!!

Give them your congrats!!


Gabrielle said...

Congratulations, D&K!! Have fun :)

Stephanie said...

Congrats D & K.....may you have many more wonderful years together!!!

Steph :-)

haze said...

Have a wonderful wedding, D&K!!

Anonymous said...

This blog is a destination for happy news these days! Many congratulations!

Cheryl (a no-longer lurker)

Chad, Laura and Sara said...

Oh weddings, love, happily ever afters...I love that.

boltupright said...

I'm thinking you might be in a little trouble for posting that first pic. Hee.

Congrats D&K and enjoy your day!

Heidi said...

Congrats... Hope you all have fun on this very special day!