Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What's In A Name

I realized that I haven't done a post on our wee baby boy's name.

I think I have may have mentioned it but I haven't really announced it yet.

So..drum roll please...

His name will be:


Ade is pronounced a-day and Sifen is pronounced like Stephan (french sounding) only with out the "T" and is his birth name.

Now most you already know this because we have probably told you - lol!

But here is what we found his name means.

Thanks to my friend Rachel and to Emily for sending us what they found on name meanings.

Ade - meaning Royal, Crown, Prince, Royal one - it is listed as an African name which is something we really wanted him to have whether it be his given name or a name we picked and now both his names are African in meaning.

Sifen - we haven't found anything yet - if you do send it our way!

We will call him Ade but we really love the name Sifen too - so he might be called both :) He may also choose at some point to go with Sifen and we would be just fine with that!

So, there you have it!!!

A family of three unusual names!

Oh and Yes, in case you were wondering - we did know there was a dancer on "So You Think You Can Dance" named Ade.

Truth be told it is where we got the name....we had been keeping a list of names we liked for the last 2 years..but we had never really agreed on one name we both loved...then one night we were watching "SYTYCD" and they introduced the dancer Ade....

....we both looked at each other and said "Wow, I love that name" and it went in big bold letters in to our baby name list.

When we got our referral and saw pictures of our boy, we both knew instantly he was an Ade!!!

You might think we are cheese balls..and you would be right! We are !

But we love the name! We love his birth name!

We love Ade Sifen - plain and simple!


Crackerslowe said...

i love the names too.

Rana,Yvan and Ade sounds good together..


The Hattons... said...

I love the names too. And it suits your family of names perfectly!

lyndsey&kevin said...

I love cheese balls, and so it is REALLY easy to love you guys too!!!

Love the name guys, it is really great.


Dianne said...

What's not to love? It is perfect!! :)

emily and mike said...

I agree with Dianne... perfect! Love the name.

Carolyn said...

A beautiful name for a beautiful boy!!!


CinnamonOpus said...

Me, I always think of King Sunny Ade (the Nigerian musician) whenever I see Ade's name. I saw him perform many years ago (1983... eek!) and the name has stuck with me ever since. So I think it is very groovy indeed!

Sarah said...

I love, love, love the name Ade. So You Think You Can Dance is my all-time favourite show and isn't it funny that this season my favourite dancer was Ade. I love the dancer and the name and think it will be a perfect fit for your little guy. Congratulations... :)


haze said...

I love his name!! You guys done good.

Anonymous said...

I happen to love cheese balls ;o) and I love his names too.

Claudia said...

Two lovely names - and names that go together really beautifully!

darci said...

great name!

Rhonda, Kristin, Eden said...

If you sandwich A between R & Y....you get:

-RAY of sunshine

Love it!

tobink said...

I love love love your son's name (and I love SYTYCD's Ade too).

Karen T.

Kimberley said...

If your little guy is Oromo then his name means "for you"
Found your blog through cake wrecks oddly enough :)
We have our own little Sifen (Sifan, Sefan.....it is spelled several different ways as many ET names are.)
Hope things move along quickly for you so you can have little Ade Sifen in your arms soon!!!