Friday, July 11, 2008

Way to Cute!

As many of you know we recently added a new member to our family. Little Grissom came to live with us almost 2 months ago.

The first weekend we had him was a disaster. The girl we adopted him from said that he was crate and house trained. She also adamantly insisted that he never barked and never chewed on anything.

Well....apparently none of those things were true!!! He peed all over the house, would not go in his crate - no way, no how - he barked at all the noises and passing people and dogs he saw from our living room window. I have to admit that he has the funniest bark for such a little is so low and deep. Then he ate a pair of my shoes and my new spring purse (I had searched for the perfect spring purse for months). I was not a happy pet owner to say the least. Yvan is way more tolerant than me...well actually he is head-over-heels in love with our new puppy - and insisted that things would get better.
And slowly they have....Grissom hadn't peed in the house for almost two weeks now. Until Wednesday night that is -he peed over by his food dish and we think it was because the bowls were empty, he was hungry and so he peed to show us that he was mad. At least, that is how I justify his actions.

Our little dude, Leroy, has been a little depressed to say the least since the new addition. He has always been THE animal of the house (he rules the cats) and so to share attention has not been his favourite thing. He is slowly warming up to Grissom though and they love to go on walks together. Leroy still doesn't like it when Grissom plays with his toys and follows him very closely when he has a chew stick.

I bring both dogs with me to work (my husband owns a business and I work with him) and I have one doggie bed under my desk and one under a chair. It was a very hard adjustment at first for Leroy when we started bringing Grissom to work because it has been his cats, nothing, so he did not take kindly to having Grissom here.

However, this morning Gerard was in my office and noticed this -

This is a first!!!! Leroy let Grissom lay on his bed with him and they are both slumbering away peacefully. Normally Leroy would turn into devil dog (something to be seen) and Griss slinks away.
Griss loves Leroy with all his little puppy heart and learns by leroy's example - Thank GAWD! since Leroy is a really good dog if Griss learns from him that is o.k. by us.
So, today is one small step for doggie kind, one GIANT leap for the bond between Leroy and Grissom.
Way to Cute!!!!


Rhonda & Kristin said...

ahhhhhhh!!! they really like each other!

CinnamonOpus said...

They are just so CUTE! I am glad they are becoming pals.

Ricki said...

That is adorable! One day they will be like Abby and Cassy where if they are seperated for any period of time (even if it's just one of them in the garage getting brushed while the other one is inside the house), they go CRAZY as soon as they see each other.

haze said...

OMG - how sweet!! I love how Grissom is peaking out from the blanket. They will be inseparable one day.