Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sweet New Ride and Star Babies

About a month ago I was perusing my regular blog sites when I came across Sebrina's blog about the Star Babies she makes. They were just so cute and I couldn't I ordered 2!

When they arrived in the mail I was not disappointed...they are so beautiful and you can tell they have been made with care and love. They were cute enough for Yvan to say "wow, those are really cute" and he does not often use the word cute ;)

Thanks Sebrina!!!!!

So, here is a photo of Suki checking out the new babies!! Sam was a little scared and wouldn't sit with them. I can't wait for our baby to be able to play with them.

On Wednesday, Yvan phoned me and told me to look out the front window...and what to my wandering eye do I see....Yvan riding past the house on a beautiful retro bike with a basket on the front! "Surprise" he said into the phone...I squeaked in delight and promptly started to cry...he had gone and gotten me a new bike without me even knowing....we had looked at them the week before but we had decided to wait on it. This is a such a special gift because he took the time to plan it and surprise me! I love my husband so much!!
My Sweet New Ride!!!

I can even take the Star Babies with me for a bike ride....don't worry we will get a real safety approved bike seat for the wee one...we won't put him or her in the basket :)

This bike is so much fun and it is so nice to ride...I love that you are sitting upright and not leaning over!

We took the bike out for its first ride last night and it was so awesome. I could have ridden forever...and the best part is the seat is nice and cushy and wide that I didn't get a sore bum :)
I love my sweet new ride but I love Yvan more!!!!


haze said...

Sweet ride, indeed!! I love the old school bikes.

And your star babies - man, maybe I should place an order. They are sooo cute.

Ricki said...

K, I just have to say I LOVE your new bike. Now I want one too!!!

Sebrina said...

LOVE the new bike!!!!!! And the star babies look happy in their new home :)

CinnamonOpus said...

Love the retro bike! That's awesome! Basket and all... the only thing missing is a little bike with long handlebars (with those streamer thingies on the ends) and a banana seat so you and your little one can go biking together one day!

Maybe you should start getting Yvan shopping around in advance...

Rhonda & Kristin said...

I think you need some strawberries and a loaf of french bread in there to complete the look! (And a little bike carrier with a cute little baby in it would be good too...)

Ranavan said...

oui, oui mon ami...I agree :)

The Warren Family said...

I also LOVE your new bike! and the star babies are really cool as well!