Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cute Videos

Oh alright already! I can't stay away...well as it turns out my Grandma D is now nicely settled at home with my Auntie B who flew into town and who is taking good care of her so I have the week off :)..but not from work and so I sit at my computer and can't stay away!

My friend sent me this cute video

and this one too

Now if two guys can foster a lion and he still remembers them a year later after being the head of his pride...and a dog can feed kittens, and a cheetah can mother a monkey...well I think I have a pretty good chance of being a great mom too...

I hope when we bring our wee one home "it will just be what I do" - mother instinctively...something in my heart tells me I will!

Cue me crying - sniff!


CinnamonOpus said...

You're going to ROCK as a mom! No question in my mind.

lovesmukiwa said...

I think you will be an AMAZING mother.

Ricki said...

Ok I cried yesterday watching the first video on another blog and now I am crying again today watching the second video. So touching!
I know that you will be an incredible mother and I am so happy that we will get to share the experience so close together. I really look forward to the day when you and I are chilling out while we watch our little munchkins play together!

Stan, Tara, Jermaine and Makeda Loewen said...

I love how you draw encouragement and inspiration from animals. All of our puppies went to their new homes this week so I am a bit of a wreck when it comes to sweet animal stories.
I would love to invite you to my blog if you are interested.

haze said...


Yes, you'll be an AWESOME mother!