Thursday, June 26, 2008

Weird Emails

Sometimes I get these really weird emails. Ya, ya I know they are spam emails but they are still weird!!!

I read these weird emails I think to myself:

1. Does the sender of the these emails really think someone is going to respond?
2. If someone does respond, then they most certainly are weirder than the sender...aren't they?
3. Is this a message from outer space? -It really is the only logical reason someone would send such a weird email
4. Is there some hidden message in the email?
5. Is there some sort of code to the break the hidden message?
6. If there is a code - does anyone out there no how to break it? If so, please tell me ;)
7. Is this a government email and they are sending it to see who responds to it and then they really know who the crackpots in the world are?
8. Why do I care? Don't I have better things I could be doing other than analyzing these weird emails?

Yes, I do but I am honestly bored and tired of working right now so this is a good!!

Here is said weird email:

"God dag,

And why again had he to sink beneath the surface me up forthe night, i jumped up and got on my policy, and militaryexigencies. He knew it was o mightyarmed vrikodara, vowed,saying,i shall bhima, the suta's son of great valour, witheyes more or less valuable in the hope of winning more them.from her are born four other kine, o matali, platesculpture,supposed roman, in the church."

See weird!

And now for something completely different!


This is my shout out to CAFAC for those ladies who have been waiting way to long to find out who their children are!

O.k. back to work and then off to Cirque Du Soleil - YA!


haze said...

Too funny! I've considered blogging about the same thing. Now I don't need to.

Sebrina said...

I vote for "from outer space"

Rhonda & Kristin said...

C'mon CAFAC!!!

Ricki said...

ruyI think you should reply back with your own crazy message and see what happens.
Seriously maybe we should all go barricade cafac workers in their office until we get our referrals, hee hee.

Ricki said...

I have no idea where the "ruy" came from in the beginning of my comment!?!?!?!

Ranavan said...

oh sure Ricki!!! I bet you don't know where the ruy came from in your thinks maybe you are the one sending me weird emails and you let your guard down for a minute ;)

Ricki said...

Hee hee, you caught me! How weird that that happened on the reply to a post about weird emails from outerspace!

Dianne said...

Awesome! It's SO good to know I'm not the only one who wonders if they're messages from outer space!

Happy Canada Day!!