Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mopey Martha

Yesterday I was one "Mopey Martha". I am pretty sure I brought everyone in the office down...I am not sure why this last update threw me for a loop so much! But it did! Anyways, I moped around all day.

Oh and I discovered 3 new planets yesterday - yup! Little ol' me discovered new planets...too bad they were on my face...I never get pimples...I am not trying to brag...I just am inherently lucky in that department and got my mother's good skin....I think the stress brought all the toxins directly to the surface of my face...blech!

Thankfully, I had a hair appointment booked for 5:00p.m. - I know it is super shallow but I tell ya - there is nothing to make a gal feel a wee bit better than getting your hair done. It was two hours of cut, color and hilights. I love my hairstylist - she is new to me - but she is fantastic!!! She is funny, kind and best of all really great at what she does....anyways when I sat down in her chair I was a puddle of mope and she really brightened me up...literally with hilights...she made me laugh, feel good and look good :) Can I just point out how good it feels to get your hair does...soooo good....I should just go for a shampoo when I am feeling low. I left feeling much better.

I think I will take Hazel and Julie's advice and look at the 8 month side of the wait time instead of the 15 month side! Thanks everyone who left me such a nice post the other day :) You gals rock!

Yesterday's Inspiration didn't arrive into my email box until late last night so I am posting it today.

I have to say that I really like this inspiration a lot!

Wednesday's Inspiration - Day 23

"If there is to be Peace in the world,
There must be Peace in the nations.

If there is to be Peace in the nations,
There must be Peace in the cities.

If there is to be Peace in the cities,
There must be Peace between neighbors.

If there is to be Peace between neighbors,
There must be Peace in the home.

If there is to be Peace in the home,
There must be Peace in the Heart.

—Lao Tzu

Today...I wish you great Peace."


Ricki said...

We must have been riding the same brain train yesterday. I was also a mopey maratha but mine is due to the court news and I too went and got my hair done and would you believe that my usually pimple free face has sprouted 2 new planets as well?!?!?! Yikes, kinda freaky!
I think I might call ya tonight, you around?

CinnamonOpus said...

Oh honey, I am sorry you are bummed! I remember when we got the last update from our agency that pushed back dates, and it sucked. A LOT.

I think I ranted and railed and sent peevish emails back and forth with Nicky for a week. What? It was therapeutic.

I recommend some ice cream and a good Cusack film. If I'm talking to him, I'll even send him over to put the movie in the DVD player for you.

lovesmukiwa said...

The peace post was certainly inspired today. I hope you found some.

Ranavan said...

Ricki, I am around until about 7:15ish...I am home tomorrow night all night :) Give me a call!!!!

Cinn - I called the agency and thought I might use the "we are very disappointed" angle and "just so sad" but alas...I left a message and have yet to receive a call back.

Julie - I have peace most days - but sometimes I feel like what are we doing?!

haze said...

Having your hair washed by a pro is an AMAZING feeling!

Peace to you, Rana.

Ramona said...

Ok. I've been trying to decide if I'm letting my curls grow or cut them- and you've inspired me. I've always wanted to set up my counseling office with a hairdresser because I think the sound of snipping scissors is therapeutic - plus people talk lots to hair dressers so maybe I should become a hair dresser too and do double sessions- nothing like getting a counseling session while getting a hair cut! However, after seeing what all I missed yesterday while cutting my boys hair...
Anyways, my point was I'm getting away from the computer to book a cut, color and highlight appointment for me (but preferably without the planets...I've been doing so much better since not being on fertility drugs!)

Lisa, Pierre, Marika,Karelle & ??? said...

Thinking of you as you continue to wait for your refferal....

There is not much one can say to help with the wait and I know I must have shared this before as other families home probably have as well.. but they are SOOOO worth every minute of the wait even if its hard to believe when you are going through the process....

Can't wait to hear all about your refferal and celebrate with you !