Friday, June 20, 2008

Rachel, Me and Duran Duran

*Warning this post is not adoption related but might be good for a laugh ;)

When I hit my tween years back in the oh-so-early '80's I discovered the best boy band ever created - Duran Duran!!! (I know the Beatles were the first but I wasn't born yet)

My love affair with Duran Duran has lasted thru the years - it did wain a bit when U2 came into my life but Duran Duran will always have a special place in heart.

I used to have bunk beds and I slept in the bottom bunk (I had a bad habit of sleeping walking when I was younger and I always managed to nose dive off the top bunk while I was sleeping) and I would plaster photos of the boys - Simon, Nick, Andy, John and Roger around the inside of my bunk. This way they would be the last thing I saw before I went to bed and the first thing I saw when I woke up. Seriously, I did this!
I had Duran Duran rock t-shirts - you know the 2 tone shirts with the 3/4 length sleeves.

I had a Duran Duran hat that I wore everywhere - I have photos of myself wearing the hat and the t-shirt at the same time. Oh I was a style master let me tell you!!!

I bought every issue of Tiger Beat, Teen Beet, Seventeen, you name it if there was anything remotely related to Duran Duran on the cover I bought it.

I would watch Friday Night Videos and MTV for hours in the hopes that I would see one of their videos...and some times I would cry - yes, I was one of THOSE girls...I cried if I saw them doing an interview, or a story about them came on and one of them spoke...I had it bad....teen fever at its best. My mother was a very tolerant woman to be sure.

Here are few photos of some of my Duran Duran memorabilia that I have kept over the years...sadly I have lost the hat - oh how I loved that hat....
and may laugh at me now...

This is a photo of all the stuff I have saved...someone gave me the concert book in the upper right - I have not yet seen them in concert myself!
Song lyrics that I hand wrote out!

The denim jacket back patch! Sadly - I never got to put this on the back of a denim jacket - I soooooo wanted to!

This collection is paltry compared to what I used to have - but as I have grown older and moved place to place it has dwindled...this is the stuff that I will keep to my last day.

Jump to now - and my fantastic, awesome, beautiful, charming, funny, girl friend Rachel who I have known for what seems like forever. She lives in Vancouver and so I don't get to see her much but when I do it is like we had only seen each other yesterday. I love her and miss her!

Rachel recently had the pleasure of seeing Duran Duran in concert about 2 months ago (her 2nd or 3rd time) but this time she won herself fifth row tickets and backstage passes from answering a question on a local radio station. The question was "How tall is the lead singer Simon LeBon of Duran Duran?"
She called me at work and told me this right away - I almost fell of my chair!!!

Then.....she sent me this yesterday!!!!

OMG!!!!!! It is Simon, Nick, Roger and John in the flesh!!!!!! Rachel is the hottie in red and her friend is in the black skirt. (Sadly Andy is no longer touring with the Band)
This is my childhood meet Duran Duran. My friend Rachel got to live out her childhood dream too and they signed her memento book she brought with her...Simon even commented on her...ah hem...rack...he liked the cheeky of him :)
Rachel you are ONE LUCKY GIRL!!!! I live vicariously thru you!!!


Anonymous said...

oh man it was the coolest thing ever!! i can't believe that after 26 years of idolizing them i actually got to meet them.
i am still in shock!
and they were so nice. but yes, Simon's comment though cheeky did make my LIFE!! hahaha


CinnamonOpus said...

I was a Duran Duran fan, too! Not as... *ahem* FANATICAL *ahem*... as you were, but I still loved them. I remember being completely wowed the first time I saw their videos for the "Rio" album. And I spent a great week in Mexico listening to my Walkman -- a cassette with "Rio" on one side and Roxy Music "Avalon" on the other. Le sigh...

And they seem to have gotten older fairly gracefully, at least what I've seen in interviews anyway. Although Simon's gotten... well, CHUBBY, actually... but so have we all!

Shannon & Dan said...

Are you my long lost sister???

I have the original release of their first self-titled album on vinyl and no record player to play it on. I'll have to show it to you sometime.

Your friend is sooo lucky!


Sebrina said...

Oh how I loved Duran Duran!!!! Lucky Rachel!

sandi said...

Ok, this is funny... you are dating yourself here... you must be like at LEAST 30 or something ;)

ahhh, good times... I guess it would be like me meeting new kids on the block or backstreet boys or something...

See you sunday... the grass is HORRID... it's going to seed it's so long...

haze said...

OMG! First, how lucky is your friend to meet the boys in the flesh!!

2nd - I was a HUGE Duran Duran fan too. I remember doing a (very cheesy) jazz dance to 'Girls on Film' back in high school. I saw them in concert once - I think it was the 7 and the Ragged Tiger (love that album) tour. I had a Rio 2-tone rock shirt. And I had the HUGEST crush on John Taylor - he was my guy - all the way.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. You're lucky to have some memorabilia left. Keep it!


p.s. I had to chuckle over your hand written lyrics. I can't remember if I did that myself - I probably did. What goofs we were.

Ranavan said...

well, well....look at all the Duranies that popped out of the woodwork!

Nothing like a goodlooking '80's boy band to get the girls riled up :)

and yes...I am AT LEAST