Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wee Legs Can Make for a Long Journey

"Hey! Wait for me! I'm coming!!!"

"I said wait! I'll be there soon!"

"Oh man! Why is this taking so long???"


"If it's o.k. with you....I'm just gonna rest for a bit!"


Carolyn said...

I especially love the final collapse in the snow!!! It;s hard to be wee in the winter!


BCMommy said...

H ah hahahahahhhaaa!



Karen said...

That's awesome.

Maple Walnut Mama said...

Love this!
Also love your 3 posts in one week. So nice to have you back :)

emily said...

These are awesome! Love these photos!!!

tafel said...

Hee. Someone's going to be asking for a sled next year (and for you to pull it, of course.)

darci said...


Claudia said...

love these pictures!

Rowan Family Tree said...

It's the snowsuit... who can blame him???

A sled is a good idea!

Super cute pics!