Friday, March 16, 2012

The Potty Train

So, it looks like we are taking the first tentative steps towards potty training.

This is very exciting news in our house.

The talk of all things poop and pee is certainly first and foremost in all of our conversations as a family. Even at supper time there is much chatter from the wee lad about where the poop and pee is supposed to go and who he is supposed to call when he needs to go.

Wee man has been going on the potty for a long time but still wearing diapers. We had progressed to pull-ups in the last couple of weeks and THEN....

This morning gotchies were asked for and so we quickly obliged and explained how he had to be sure to let someone know if he had to go potty.

We were in our bathroom getting ready for the day. We told Ade he should go pee and one of us would take him.

He said "No way" and we thought he was being his 3 year old self.

But then...we heard a door open....followed by the sound of the toilet lid being lifted....with 2 little feet on the step up to the toilet....and when we went to look in his bathroom he was sitting on the potty!


He had peed and pooped all by himself!!!!!

To say we did a happy dance is an understatement!

One lucky little dude received 2 chocolate chips for being such a big boy.

Now we know there will be is only natural...but wow!

That, my friends, was big step!!!


Carolyn said...

Horray for Ade!!!!!!!!!! That is great news!


Ramona said...

Oh how I love that you guys are in the midst of this!!! Once again it makes me smile that you are a family doing the necessary steps of parenting. And as much as I'm happy my last 2 came home trained, it is one of those steps that can be rewarded, even if it can also being some frustration. Way to go Ade on the independent pee and poop!

hazel said...

Woohoo!! Way to go Ade!! Fingers crossed for continued great progress!

Jess said...

yah!! That is awesome news! :) Way to go Ade!