Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Littlest Rower

Ade loves to come to the gym with us.

He gets lots of attention from everyone and has fun playing on the equipment! We think it is important for him to see us and other people we know being active so it becomes second nature to him to work out.

His favourite machine to play on is the C2 Rower...we think rowing might be in his future because he picked it up quite fast.


Chad, Laura, Sara and Seth said...

Oh what great pictures. He looks like a little pro!

Miss ya, Laura

Brendan and Mary said...

Better keep him away from my girl with those kinds of moves and muscles! ;)

Tova said...

You can take your kid to the gym??? I'd have better luck taking the dog to the gym in this city.

That's awesome.

Kimmy G said...

I had to laugh at this... Tova... funny you should mention it, there's a dog at the gym too :)

Otherwise, Rana... Love how you're raising Ade to know the importance of a healthy lifestyle! You're awesome!

Ranavan and Wee One said...

Ha! Kimmy I forgot about Roach...and really how could you forget about that hound faced dog!

Tova, Ade goes to a gym class at the building next to our Saturday mornings are gym day...we alternate who takes Ade to Flip @ 10 and the other workouts - then we bring Ade to the gym while the second parent does the 11 class...he just hangs out and watches.

Maple Walnut Mama said...

Canadian Olympic Team potential for sure :)
He is too cute - I'd like to squeeze him!