Monday, March 5, 2012

Is February finally gone???? Thank Goodness!

February 2012 was awful.

I needed to step back, take a break and re-evaluate which is why I haven't been blogging of late.

My dear, sweet, kind, feisty, lovable Grandma passed away.

We were close. Very close.

Growing up I probably spent close to every day with her except when we lived out of town. After school I would go to her house until my mom was done work and could pick me up to take me home. We would sit and watch t.v. together and argue over the news. We always had differing opinions on everything so it was always enjoyable to get into heated debates with her. There is probably no one else on the earth who could challenge me like she did...and get me riled up the way she did too.

Even as an adult, we talked every week. I tried to see her every week too but sometimes it was hard and it would only be a couple times a month. She loved Yvan. I think more than she loved me and she always told me how lucky I was to have found him. She was right.

She prayed hard for our adoption to go through as well. She would always say she just couldn't understand why it was taking so long and why they were keeping our babe from being in our arms where he most needed to be. She was beside herself with joy the day we came home with Ade.

She was fiercely protective of her kids and grand kids (great grand kids too) and her world revolved around family. Many holidays were planned with Grandma involved because we just all liked to be together.

The last month before she died I was privileged to be able to spend almost every day with her and to tell her how much I loved her. Her family came to be by her side in her last days and she was so happy to have them all there.

I was very honored to be able to say the Tribute to her at her funeral. It was incredibly hard to put her 88 years into words. I did my best to honour the little lady who was so special to so many. She always said she was so lucky to have us as her family but the truth is, it was us who were so unbelievably lucky to have her as our Matriarch.

I miss her terribly. I always will. As a friend so eloquently said, "the longer someone is in our lives, the more we miss them when they are gone."

My grandma had been in my life since the day I was born.


The Turgeon Expansion said...

So sad to hear about your Grandma, Rana. You can tell how much you love her just by your post! I'm sure she is looking down on you and your adventures with Ade :)

Julie said...

Oh Rana! So hard. What a wonderful grandma. I know you enriched her life as well.

June said...

dude, I said post some cute pictures, not make everybody cry!

Still thinking of you guys & of your mom.

Melissa said...

Such a treasure to have so many memories of your sweet grandma.

I hope March is good to you.

Nif said...

Oh Rana, you have made me cry.....Big hugs to all of you and cherish all those memories!

darci said...

Oh Rana..I am so so sorry..such a loss. Thinking of you..what a beautiful post about her pictures, you can tell she was feisty!

Karen said...

I am sad for you, Rana, but is it okay that those photos make me smile?


Maple Walnut Mama said...

There really are no words at times like these - thinking of you and the rest of your clan. Sitting here with teary-smiles looking at these beautiful photo's of you and your Grandma. You are lucky to have had each other for so long (as painful as this makes the here & now). So happy that your Grandma had the chance to love your sweet boy!

hazel said...

What a beautiful post, Rana. Your Grandma would be proud.

LOVE that last photo of the two of you! Such love!


CinnamonOpus said...

Oh I am so sorry for your loss. She sounds like one in a million.

Claudia said...

I'm so very sorry.

Rowan Family Tree said...

HUGS. Grammas are such a blessing.