Friday, February 11, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess I forgot it was Confession Friday until I opened up my computer and saw all the confessions pop-up in my blog reader.

I confess I am glad it is the weekend so Yvan will be home for the next 2 days to help me chase after our 2 year old.

I confess I am making apple bran muffins but I got the recipe from a friend and she only gave me half of it so I am winging it.

I confessit is finally nice here today and I might get adventurous and take the wee one out for a walk.

I confess I am having a hard time finding a stroller for every day use - anyone have any suggestions?

I confess I just heard the President of Egypt FINALLY stepped down. Yes, I have been following the story daily.

I confess I need a pedicure - yikes my feet are terrible.

I confess my muffins turned out even though I was winging it.

I confess it has taken me about a half hour to get this post written.

I confess I could use a long, uninterrupted nap - likely not to happen until I am 65!


darci said...

well, I LOVE my baby's a bigger beast, but i got it 11 years ago and it is still like new...been thru the mountains of jasper, deep snow, gravel, etc..i got the brand name baby jogger..paid extra, but love it! :)

lyndsey&kevin said...
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lyndsey&kevin said...

I confess I forgot too... until I saw your confessions. BUT luckily for me I am a west coast girl so the time differnce buys me some time.

Hope you get your nappy nap today!

I can't spell... so I deleted... I'm sure there are more errors but my brain is fried today and my fingers are not typing correctly either. hmmph

wholetthishappen said...

I'm no help with strollers. I always just use what's been given to us.

You will nap before 65, but I confess that confession made me laugh out loud.

CinnamonOpus said...

Muffins and a pedicure... that would be a good day.

I also can't help with the stroller, for I bought ours on sale from Toys R Us online. Din't care about bells and whistles, just wanted cheap and reliable! Oh, and folds down in the trunk.It was something like 65 dollars, a name brand like Graco or something, I can't remember. But it has rocked the casbah, man. Thing has taken a LOT of miles and still works great. I think it's Our other stroller is a beat up old jogging stroller I got for 25 bucks on Kijiji, so there you go. Rusty but still rolls, which is all I really need.

(Segue -- my word verification line to post this was "doots" which made me snarf tea all over my keyboard. Poop humour FTW! What am I, TWELVE??)

Carolyn said...

Being a mom to a toddler is not always easy! bring on spring so we can get outside before we all go insane!


Janice said...

If we lived closer, I'd drag you out for a pedicure and a chat. My feet could use it too.

I've been taking cat naps recently in the afternoons and it's just never long enough.

If the apple brown muffins work out, do post the recipe.


Anonymous said...

Loving your confessions!
We love the Uppa Baby Umbrella stroller for everyday/around town kinda stuff. It is light & easy up/down. For big hikes we have always carried MissM thus far.
Hope you can find a few hours for that nap!

kristina clark said...

for the stroller i would have to say that an umbroller stroller would have to be the way to go, they are more compact and easier to haul around with you. pay special attention to the quality of wheels and also the height of the handle bars, no body wants to have to bend over the whole time while pushing. we got ours from toys r us just so ya know!