Saturday, February 19, 2011

Confession Friday (on Saturday)

I confess I have been very sick this last week.

I confess my husband had to do a lot of parenting on his own because I couldn't get out of bed.

I confess I hate being sick.

I confess I am feeling better today.

I confess next Friday I will confess on time.

I confess it is a long weekend and will have an extra day to spend with my husband.

I confess it is Family Day long weekend and our first one as a family.

I confess it is cold here again - really cold and I hate the cold...spring needs to come NOW.

I confess I have never said on my blog how you pronounce my name and when Tova called me yesterday for the first time we laughed about how a lot of people think my name is pronounced a certain way when in fact it is not.

I confess it is Rana as in Rayna

I confess I loved talking to Tova as I knew I would and she was kind, loving and full of great support and advice.

I confess I am leaving you with a photo of the wee one in the snow.


BCMommy said...

OMG, all this time I have been saying 'Ranna' in my head! It's going to take me a while to get used to that! LOL!!!

I hope you are feeling a bit better today. Yes, I need spring to come. It's not nearly as cold here, but I think it actually went up to 6C yesterday and I felt like throwing on a bikini; it was positively balmy! But, that only lasted a few hours and the bitter cold moved back in. I am in need of a vacay somewhere hot.

The wee boy looks very cute in his snowsuit!!! How is he doing? Adjusting to the extreme climate change ok?
Take care!


Carolyn said...

So glad that you are feeling better. Being sick sucks! I also cannot wait for spring, but I know we have a long wait ahead! Love the pic!


lyndsey&kevin said...

THANKS for your confessions and sorry I nagged you like a teenager... I was just soooo missing them yesterday. I am glad you are feeling better... that must be hard to get sick with a child... I am useless when I am sick!!!

LOVE the picture of Ade!!

Hugs to you.

Jess said...

so glad you're feeling better - hopefully no one else gets sick!! Love the picture of the little man in the snow!

Melissa said...

I am glad you are starting to feel better Rana! Sick = yuck.

D Dae said...

I confess I had to ask Ricki how to pronounce your name, thankfully I had it right, but I was worried i had it wrong. :)

Susie said...

I confess that I would like you to clarify how to pronounce Yvan's name, too : ) I've been imagining the french pronunciation, but I've heard different versions

peekaboo said...

accckkk....ok so for like 3 yrs I have totally been pronouncing it the wrong way...GREAT!!! Hard to change it once its in your head....hey maybe you want to change it?? hahaaaa

CinnamonOpus said...

I remember you and 1 had that same conversation about pronunciation when we chatted last year or so! And now, I find I am doing the same for That Baby, correcting everyone's pronunciation... Ah the joys of having a unique name!

Sorry to hear you've been feeling sick. It's hard being a parent when you're sick, and it's hard feeling like you *should* be doing things when you really just don't have it in you. I'm glad you have a good hubby to take on some of that stuff so you can rest.

Anonymous said...

Oooh. I feel so outed on your blog. In a good way. Are we ready to go public with the fact that we talk on the phone??? :)

Maybe you could put a pronunciation guide on the sidebar of your blog for all three of your names???

Glad you are feeling better.

darci said...

cute cute little one in the snow! (the only thing tha tmakes winter bearable is how cute our kids are, honestly!) . yay, i've been saying your name rayna in my head..that would be a funny phone greeting! :) glad you are feeling better..we've had sickness here too, and i think it is just TIME FOR SPRING!

Anonymous said...

Brrrrrrr is right!! Hope you're feeling better...much harder being sick with a wee one who wants to play.

And hello, cuteness, warmed my heart right up in this cold weather!

Brendan and Mary said...

Glad you're feeling better. Being sick sucks, but being sick when you're mama sucks big time!

Seriously, he is just way tooo cute!

emily and mike said...

Ahhh!!!!!!! RAYNA??? Yup, this will take me getting used to. Good thing I know this now, b/c I am hoping to meet you soon and hopefully by then I will say Rana properly!

Anyways, I love the new photo of your darling boy! That green coat is so cute on him!

Hang in there with the exhaustion. Being sick is the worst on top of doing all the motherly things... ugh.


andrea said...

So, so, so glad you confessed about your name (I'm in the gorup of people wondering, and discussing, it pronunciation - and I was in the Ranna camp!). Happy to know the truth!!

Hope you feel better soon... A

hazel said...

What a sweet photo! Isn't it amazing how well our Ethiopian children take to the snow (and thank God they do!)?

I confess to discussing how to pronounce your name during a few calls with fellow PAPs over the years. I've been used to "Rayna" for a while now (I used to call you "Ranna").

Hope you're feeling better by now.

Julie said...

I confess I feel special cause I KNEW how to say your name! LOL.
Loving the photos by the way - keep them coming!