Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ode To Friday

“Let go, Monday!”
Dragging me from my fun weekend.
Yet, like all bullies, your meanness chases me to
school where I’m safe with my friends.

Tuesday, You coward, Monday’s henchman.
Yeah right, all you do is use your big, fat self to
keep me from Friday.

Wednesday, neutral. Not sweet, not sour.
I wait ‘til days end, only one more hour.

Thursday, good old fellow
like an old train, you see,
carrying me to Friday! Yippee!

Friday, Oh Friday,
The best of ‘em all.
A friendly old guy,
And kindly, indeed.

Saturday, good friend to Friday,
And me!
Why he’s more fun than climbing a tree!

Sunday, so nervous,
friend of Friday,
yet he is bullied by Monday,
and brainless fat Tuesday.
Sunday will do whatever they say
because Monday will always say,
“Give me those kids, take their weekends away!”

James, 5th Grade


CinnamonOpus said...

It's coming...!!

Claudia said...

This is hilarious!!

Sharla said...

The day is coming! The countdown is on!

Tova said...

Ok, I just gotta ask...how are you coping? I would want someone to medicate me so that I could just sleep until Friday.

You are amazing!

Ranavan said...

Hey Tova,

I am just barely coping - I was doing really good but now...I just want it to be Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am actually taking Friday off of work so I don't drive everyone in the crazy with my pacing and constant talking to myself while checking the blogs and internets for answers to whether or not we passed court and we all know the answers won't be found there but for some reason I check anyways....and the kicker is we might not even hear on Friday if we passed or not..

So, YA, that is how I am coping ;)


Ranavan said...

Um, ya - I meant to say "drive everyone in the office crazy"

Shawn and Laura said...

Love the poem!
Thinking of you this week, I hope you hear good news!!!

Ricki said...

Come on Friday!!!! And here's hoping that your phone rings Friday with some super fab news!

The Gaboury's said...

Come on friday!!!!!! Thinking of you guys. Praying that you only need one court date. Here's to moving forward and finally bringing Ade home.