Wednesday, April 21, 2010

1000 Awesome Things

I found this blog today on my gym's website - reading how happy our trainer was after reading some of the 1000 awesome things and other members posting some of their favourite things....I thought I would check it out.

And is awesome.

The 1000 Awesome Things Blog

is a reminder about how many things in life are well....awesome....and sometimes when we get caught up in our own selves we forget about living in the moment.

I know I do...especially right now...o.k. for the last 3 years....I have been living in the is good to be reminded about how much there is that is AWESOME right now!

So, as a continuation from my gym's blog and in the spirit of the 1000 Awesome Things Blog:

Here are 7 things I think are awesome:

1.) holding hands with my husband - this never gets old
2.) having all 4 of my animals snuggling on my lap at once (it happens)
3.)summer rainstorms - sitting on the front deck watching the rain and smelling the freshness of the air.
4.)trying a recipe for the first time and having it turn out
5.)a hot shower after hard work out
6.)vanilla ice cream on a sugar cone
7.)sitting by a campfire wrapped up in a blanket while someone plays the guitar and sings

What 7 things do you think are awesome?


Anonymous said...

This is so cool, I really like this!

Hmmm, can I add:

-being in a line up and getting ushered to the next open till (score!!)

Chad, Laura and Sara said...

1) Cuddle time with Sara and Chad.
2) Hot spring days.
3) Smiling at strangers when passing by on the street.
4) Eating FruitLoops!!!
5) The color Teal.
6) Leaving work early on a Friday.
7) When Chad gives me the bottom of his ice cream cone - which is the best part!!!

:) Laura

Littleone said...

1) Snuggling up to read a book to Cohen.
2) Hearing the words 'I love you'
3) Sitting around a campfire on a calm summer evening.
4) Curled up with a blanket next to the fireplace.
5) Family walks.
6) Ice cream
7) Hanging out on the deck with friends.

- Donna

Brendan and Mary said...

I love this!

1) Waking up to my children's smiles :)
2) Camping with family
3) A walk on a warm evening
4) Dance parties with kids
5) Hitting all the green lights when you are running late
6) A thoughtful, unexpected note from my hubby
7) Cookie dough

K_I_T_ said...

1.Hearing the frogs croak for the 1st time in spring
2.The 10 minute cuddle in bed before we roll onto our "own sides"
3.Having my nightly goodnite ritual from my daughter..
4.Hanging at the cabin
5.Rolo icecream
6.getting to the till, and the item that you thought was on sale has been discounted even more
7.The smell of getting off a plane in a tropical place

That was refreshing! It's easy to focus on the negative....

Curvy Runner said...

1) Morning Coffee at the lake
2) Puppy breath
3) Surprise phone call from friends you don't talk to often
4) Breakfast in bed
5) Dancing
6) my retro chandeliers
7) eating from your own garden

andrea said...

Absolutely perfect... thanks for this. I'd write a few things myself, but if I ever want to include "being on time for work", I can't stop now :-) A

lovesmukiwa said...

Awesome idea :)
1. sun
2. mowing the lawn
3. pruning
4. barbqueing
5. singing along to songs in the car at the top of my lungs with the windows down.
6. Budding trees
7. home videos

hazel said...

Cool! I recently got an email from Chapters about the Awesome book. It's great to remember these things!

BTW, I love your previous post about being able to relax now. You've earned it!!

Connie said...

This is great! It's good to refocus and look at all the awesome things in your life!

1)Sleeping in
2)Hearing your child say "I love you!"
3)Warm spring days with no bugs
4)Having your child finally sleep through the night ... every night!
5)Having a sense of humour
7)And last but not comments!

Sharla said...

1)having the kids all pile into our bed in the mornings
2)the smell of the rain
3)the feel of turning the pages of a good book
4)finding a great parking space
5)the kindness of strangers and friends
6)having people in your life that you can be yourself with
7)pepsi mixed with cream soda slurpees
The thing I love about this is now that you've got me thinking about this, I could easily list 7 more and then probably 7 more after that. Thank you for the rearrange on my thoughts today! (One of my sons deleted all the pictures on my camera card yesterday so I was not focussing too much on the positive today!)