Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I found the cure to what ails me...

...and it's called the XYLOPHONE!!

Seriously, I didn't know what sweet, sweet notes could ooze forth from this musical invention.

Until tonight when we went to see the Afro Cuban All Stars!

All that lovely, latin jazz had us groovin' and shaking our money makers to the beat of the drums.

But it was the Xylophone that got me from the moment it said "hello"!

Since there aren't many folks who play the xylophone I figure I could be the next big sensation!!!!

I think people around the world will pay money to see me plonking away.

What? It could totally are laughing now but you won't be when you see my smiling face on the T.V. as I give Gloria Estafan a run for her money!

Humour me people - I need to have a little something to take the edge off!

*Edit - I didn't really buy a xylophone and am not likely too..I'll stick to my day is in everyone's best interest :) but I tell ya, I just didn't know the xyhophone could sound so good mixed with the Cuban beats. It really was cool.

O.k. wait - I actually might buy one Xylophone! This one for Ade:

How cute is that!!! Thanks June for the link.


june said...

Well, now you are just plain scaring me.


But perhaps once you perfect your skills you could be Ade's xylophone mentor also. I suggest starting him off with this fine instrument:
mostly because it is too cute for words.

also you are not going to believe this, but my blogger word verification word here is "bebop".

Stephanie said...

It's early in the morning here and you've started my day with a laugh!! I would pay to see you play the xylophone!!

Steph :-)

Janna said...

Let us know when the cross-Canada tour is - I am ready & willing to support your xylophone endeavours!

Ramona said...

Hey Rana- come for a visit and you can try out several different sets of xylophones!! Our kids love playing them...

For whoever is concerned about why we have several of them- my hubby is a band they are at his schools not our home!

Rana and Yvan said...

Oh June!!! We are so getting that little cute giraffe xylophone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't you just picture it - the two of side by side plonking away on our xylo's ;)

Connie said...

Yeah, let us know your tour dates and locations! :)

(I like that word "bebop" as June said. It's used to be my neices word for "Grandpa".)

haze said...

And move over Sheila E!!

Darrell and Jess said...

I think you should totally go for it!! :) Glad to hear the concert was good too!

bcbevans said...

Ok... back up the bus. Did you really buy a xylophone? lol... oh you are really going off the deep end here. YOu tube.. that is the answer to our concert need. You should post us a concert on You Tube. :-)

Have fun with your music. Hopefully soon you will be singing along, instead of wailing.


Rana and Yvan said...

Ah ha ha! Hazel - Sheila E!!! I love it!! I had forgotten about her :)

Crytals - I am not losing - just trying to get by day by day with some doses of made me laugh to think of myself playing the Xylophone in front of an audience. Ha!

Brendan said...

I would definitely pay to see that might even better than chocolate and nachos :)

Glad to hear you had fun last night!