Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sushi Night

Every month a few of us girls get together for a splurge club of sorts. We have appetizers, a few drinks and hang out. We all throw $25 bucks into a pot and someone wins the dough to do whatever they like with.

This year we are having a food theme for each night. So far we have had Vietnamese, Mexican and last night was Sushi.

One of the girls has a friend from Japan who has been living here for about 4 months.. We'll call her R. Now R is young - and by young I mean way younger than me -way younger means like early 20's - but MAN does she make a mean Sushi. She volunteered to teach us how to make our own using her authentically Japanese recipe (with locally purchased ingredients of course)

Now I love Sushi A LOT but I don't get to eat it very much because Yvan does not. Sigh!

So, I was overly excited about this little venture of ours.

And, eh hemm! *pats self on back* I am a damn good sushi roller if I do say so myself!

Lori prepping the ingredients

The goods
Mort, making sure all is done accordingly

Getting started

Oooooooh would ya look at that!

A Perfect roll! Thank you, thank you very much
*takes bow*

Now let's do it reversed with the seaweed inside

R I our rolling skills.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm *drool*

Sesame seeds and saran wrap so the rice don't stick!

Inari pockets - if you have never had these tasty little treats you are missing out.

Seasoned tofu - deep fried than stuffed with rice and whatever delicious items you can think of.

I like avocado the best! Lori cutting our rolls

Let the feast begin

Cute little R teaches us how to make Origami cranes - no small feat I tell you.

*Edit - not only did I get to eat the best sushi EVER but I won the pot. Now I am off to peruse the Garmin website for a new training watch! It's gonna make me RUN FAST!*


lovesmukiwa said...

totally cool. can't say I have ever had sushi, but the avocado looks YUMMY!

The Hattons... said...

looks so delicious. and congratulations on winning the pot!

Darrell and Jess said...

that looks like fun! I would enjoy making it all but not so much with the eating of it! :)

p.s sure you can come to ghana with us but I think you might have a better trip(for you :)) to some other african country....

CinnamonOpus said...

I love sushi. Of any kind. I used to make sushi myself, way back when I lived in Japan. Although my friend's mom in Japan would say, you didn't make REAL sushi, because you're not Japanese. And then she'd pat me on the head and smile like she's talking to a very simple child.

Congrats on the money win!

Julia said...

Hey! I just 20 minutes ago got home from $ sushi night at our local spot. Yours looks more fun though =)

D Dae said...

Yum yum yum!

And for the future, you can out number Yvan, most children I know LOVE sushi... well Maki... nothing too raw. We eat it once a week at least and D inhales 8 large maki's all by himself!

Anonymous said...

oh, yum! I took a sushi making class ages ago, perhaps I should brush up again.

And no word of a lie, my blogger word verification for this comment is "prize". Spoooooky.

haze said...

What a hoot!! It all looks so scrummy.

I love me some sushi but have never tried to make it. You are lucky to have had a personal cooking class.

We'll have to ensure when we finaly get together that we have a big, pant-splitting sushi feast - Dianne would be in, too! Not sure if Carolyn and Ramona are sushi girls.

Also, congrats on winning the pot - maybe it's a warm up to the rest of your personal good news this week!

Sharla said...

That is totally impressive. Those are better than any I've seen in a restaurant. And it looks like fun.