Friday, March 14, 2008

We all live in this world

We all live in this world! We are all responsible for how this world, our world, functions! We are all linked to every other person in this world. We are responsible for making sure we do our part. Not one person should go hungry or be homeless! Unfortunately, this is not the case!

Check out the links for givin' a little! If you aren't sure you want to give out right...then lend. Kiva is a great organization for lending to people in other parts of the world to start or grow their businesses. You only have to lend $25 dollars if you want. When the borrower has paid back you can take your money and run or you can relend it. We have yet to have someone not pay us back :)

Oh by the way! Yes, we do donate money to every link we have provided.

Best part of all, you will feel great knowing you have helped someone out!


Ricki said...

I love the Kiva idea....helping people get on their feet without giving "handouts".
Bruce and I will have to sit down and check it out!

Nicky said...

Hi Rana!

Welcome to the blogging world... :-)