Monday, March 31, 2008

Ranavan's Thai Adventure

This past Christmas Yvan and I decided to take one last big holiday together as a couple before our new addition joins us. We decided to go to Thailand because.....well why not!

We packed our backpacks and spent two glorious weeks roaming the south of Thailand. We experienced the gentle, open and warm hospitatilty of the Thai people and some of the best food we have ever eaten. We slept in raft houses in the middle of a man-made lake, slept amongst the monkeys in the jungle and swam in the salty waters off the shores of the Phi Phi Islands.

We travelled by plane, train, boat, songthaew and long tail boat. We walked, swam and motorbiked to our hearts contents. We baked in the sun in the crowded streets and markets of Bangkok, lay on the sandy shores of Ao Nang beach and had our toes nibbled on by microscopic fish in the ocean. We ran after the crabs on the beach of Koh Sukorn and snorkelled with the clown fish, eels and jellyfish in the deep blue waters surrounding the Phi Phi Islands. We rode atop the gentle, giants that are elephants and hand-fed them bundles of bananas. We drank buckets of Long Island Iced tea, large Singha beers and the freshest of fresh fruit shakes. We ate red, yellow, green and coconut curries, savoured every morsel of the most delicious Phad Thai and banana pancakes in the world. We enjoyed thai foot massages, card games with new friends, gazed at the stars at night and watched the sun set and rise every morning and evening!

To our wonderous amazement and glee there were families from all parts of the globe in Thailand. There were baby strollers with babies sleeping, toddlers wobbling, school children running and teenagers swaggering everywhere we looked. As we are wanderers at heart and love to travel, we are excited to return one day with our bambino :)

See above montage for a peek at a very small sampling of the hilights of our trip!

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Ricki said...

Wow, what an amazing trip!! I think that was a great idea....going on a final trip as a family of 2.
Bruce and I are planning on taking a trip to Edmonton after we get our referral to spend some time shopping for the kids, relaxing, and having a little fun at the waterpark! It won't be quite th same as your trip but it will be our last "childless" vacation.