Saturday, March 15, 2008

Recycling and Baby Clothes

These are two separate subjects here but both need to be discussed. I told Yvan yesterday that we had started a blog and that I would send him the blog address...ha ha ha! I knew that as soon as I told him he would say " what photos can we add".
Recycling - Yesterday I went to Costco and did the "how did I end up with that total" shopping trip. Costco has a way of sneaking up on you and you are always shocked when go to the till! I bought some Gillette Razors for him and when I brought them home he was disgusted at how big the package was for 16 razors. Oh yeah! We recycle - everything- from toilet paper rolls to cheese slice name it, we recycle it! He is always concientious about what we buy and if I even throw one tiny little juice box container out I hear about it! So, he was appalled at the amount of material used for the razor packaging. He is right! There is definitley too much plastic! As you can tell by the look on his face....something needs to be done now!! Apparently that something is the first photo he took for the blog!

All the materials went in to the recycling bin for this Saturdays' pick-up. It really is a waste and we are both pretty sure that the cost of the product directly relates to the size of the packaging!

Baby clothes - I finally decided to brave the baby section! This is something that has been very hard for me....when you are trying to get pregnant and it just doesn't seem to be happening month after month you start to withdraw from all things baby! At least I did! News of other people getting pregnant, people out walking with their babies in strollers on a summer evening, kids in restaurants, or even just commercials about babies would make be a sad and many times a blubbering mess on the couch under a blanket.

Once we made the decision to adopt, I felt free of all of this! Almost! I was still apprehensive...once our dossier made it to Ethiopia and we started meeting other people who were also adopting, I started to let go! I had an evening out with some other gals who are adopting and two of the girls were in shopping mode. This sort of lit the fire of enthusiasm in me too!

I nervously made the first trek to Superstore on my own (no one needs to see me sobbing my eyes out which thankfully didn't happen) to look for some baby clothes. Now, it is hard to buy stuff until we know what age and gender our new baby will be but I did manage to pick up a few things.

The cute brown jacket is courtesy of Auntie Danielle! How much do you love the red hoodie!! I love hoodies (bunny hugs - whatever) - hooded sweaters, shirts, coats you name it I love it. My friend Sarah can attest to this as she recently asked me the other day "Is that a new hoodie?" "What number is that?"
Rest assured our new little boy or girl will have plenty of hooded shirts just like their momma! I figure the choices I made are safe for either a boy or a girl and I bought stuff for 18-24 months so we should be o.k. Yvan loved all the stuff I got and said it brought a tear to his eye! AWWWWW!


sandi said...

There you go... shopping is good for the adopting soul!!!

I've been getting braver too with my shopping and it has made a difference in regards to how I feel about the wait. It seems a little easier... ok, barely, but shopping makes me feel better ;)

Yes, let's get together... I'll email...

Shannon & Dan said...

It is such a great feeling to start buying the first little bits. Good for you, I know how hard that must have been for you. It is all about taking baby steps. ha ha no pun intended.

Ricki said...

Wow! Great buys!!! I have a sleeper (24 months) from Costco but other than that I haven't bought any clothes. I have told myself (and Rhonda) that I am not allowed to buy any clothes until we have a travel date (first though we need a referral!)...we'll see how well that plan goes.
I'm glad you're "letting it go"'s hard.
I am ready for another get together at Saba's!

Rhonda & Kristin said...

Look at you, you little shopping machine! They have adorable little sleepers at Costco on for $5.99, I got 4 on Saturday. I still have to check in to the Dinner Rush party, I'll keep you posted!


Ramona said...

Ohh cute clothes! I was shopping on the wkd and my Mom held me accountable- no more baby/kid stuff for our next 2 until I know who they are (referral)- it was tough as there were so many sales on... but my "either for our next kids or someone else's baby gift" pile is growing already and I know whatever I buy with our kids in mind will be hard to give to someone else!

lovesmukiwa said...

CA YUUUUTE clothes.
Shel and I were the same way about avoiding baby clothes. Now we get annoyed at the cost of things when the kids grow out of them so DARN fast. We dont have any thrift stores here in town but we do MOST of our kid clothing shopping at thrift stores in Grande Prairie and have a ball.