Thursday, March 20, 2008


Yvan and I are back in training...again. Last fall I coerced Yvan into taking "A run your first 10K" clinic. I was running sporadically over the summer and thought I should get some training and actually try to accomplish a goal of some type. So, I decided to take the 10K clinic. Of course, I wasn't about to do this by myself...that would be I bribed Yvan into taking it and also managed to sweet talk my friend Michelle in to it as well. Well, that isn't necessarily true...Michelle didn't need any sweet talking...she was happy to join!!!

The three of us laced up our running shoes and filled our water bottles and started the clinic at the end of August. The goal was to run 10K at the Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis the first Sunday in November. We trained thru September and October with Brainsport and ran our hills every Monday night and did our homework the rest of week. I think it was during the first long (45 minutes) run we did one cool fall night in October that I thought to myself...."self what the #$%# are you doing!" As we ran up the steps of the train bridge and I realized how far we still had to go in order to get back to the store. It was very tempting to give up! But no, I would persevere.

I must also tell you that Yvan was a running a machine. He was worried that he wouldn't be able to even run for 20 minutes when we first started...uh, the name Forrest Gump comes to mind when I think of him the first night we went out! He ran and ran and ran and ran....and he hasn't stopped.

We finished the clinic and ran the 10K. Yvan ran it very admit it I struggled...alot.

We finished and it felt great!

One night in December, Yvan says to me...I think I am going to run a half marathon...what??? Are you crazy???? Nope, he is serious! So, we are back training!! I am going to stick with my friend the 10K - I will conquer you this time. Yvan is training for the half! I am so proud of him...mainly because he has found a true passion! Oh, ya...his other passion besides homebuilding :) There is much chatter in our household about heart rates, pacing, lactic threshold....and of course homebuilding! Add into the mix the non-stop adoption talk I spew daily and we are a real treat to be around :)

The good thing about the running is that we are both getting in shape physically but most importantly mentally! This is good to keep our minds off the LONG WAIT!


Tanya said...

I'm starting to re-train for the 10k as well... there is a race I ran two years ago that I want to re-do and improve my time...

I think it is a great way to survive the wait...

lovesmukiwa said...

Good luck! I completely admire you both. Once I thought about training for a mini triathlon until I went to train for swimming and the old ladies who swim were lapping me in the pool.
I left completely humiliated and never went back!

Ricki said...

Wow...good for you!
I hate running....I wish I could like it. I like the IDEA of looks so fun and refreshing when you see other people do it but me, I just can't get it...I'm a walker (although I do keep a nice pace with a little help from 2 eager dogs).
Good luck on the training!

haze said...

Thanks for the link, Rana.

Are you with The Running Room? I used to run with them. Did a few 5 and 10Ks then 2 half marathons. I haven't run since, LOL. But I DO plan to start over again.

Happy training. It will be a great way to pass the time.

Rana and Yvan said...

I like the running after I am done running...I love how my body feels...however, while I am running i hate it...i literally have to talk myself thru every isn't my body that hates it is my mind...the mind can do funny things to you when you are running!

We run in the weekly running group with Brainsport (local running store in Saskatoon) and have taken a few training clinics thru them too.
We have a running room too but have yet to run with them.