Monday, May 28, 2012


There has been much talk of monsters in our house lately.

It has us confounded because we aren't sure where it is coming from.

We don't let Wee Man watch scary movies or cartoons.  All of the books we read are light, fun and/or about adoption and families coming together.

So, where does the fascination with monsters come from?

We must look under the bed, behind the dresser and in the closet to make sure there are no monsters.

As we were out driving yesterday afternoon, the question of "Are there monsters over there?" was asked.

"Over where?" I asked.  "There!" he stated pointing in no particular direction.

I know this is the age where the active mind engages and things from the day are remembered and carried into dreams. 

But I honestly don't know where the monsters come from.

I remember having to sleep with the light on when I was a kid and I have clear memories of NOT being able to get out of my bed or the monsters would get me.

But where do these imagined monsters come from?

O.k. so I must confess, we have watched "Monsters Inc." but those are friendly, cute, cuddly monsters.

Uh oh, except when they are scaring kids at night....maybe that wasn't the best for him to see....

But we haven't watched that movie since wee dude first came home.  And the monster thing really just ramped up in the last month or so.

We have a night light in his room for him...ha ha...its a "L'il Monster" and we told him that he is there to watch over him at night and protect him...he seems o.k. with it.  He asks for it to be turned on every night.

But still, where does the "monster under the bed" notion come from?

Anyone have any thoughts?


Sharla said...

Little trick for for some kids, but not for others so it's worth a try. Get a little spray bottle, fill it with water and a drop or two of an essential oil for scent and label it "Monsters Be Gone". Explain to him that if you spray it in his room, it keeps monsters away.

To be fair, I don't know if it's an awesome idea because it's like acknowledging that monsters are real, but I know that for some people who have tried reason and truth and nothing worked, this did. Good luck!

Ranavan and Wee One said...

Sharla the spray bottle is a great idea!!!

We tell him we have told the monsters to leave and he believes us...I think for kids when they start thinking of monsters the fear is very real so I don't want to brush it aside either but not acknowledging it...we are wanting to deal with the fear head on and teach him you can overcome any fear!

Anonymous said...

ummmmm daycare? Lately we've had to leave the room light on for Eden as she's scared to sleep (and she has a night light)

And we keep telling her monsters are never real, always pretend in our imagination. No such thing as monsters!

Julie said...

We have gone through a monster phase and like you, have abolutely NO idea where it came from. We had to constantly reassure the boys that they are safe, we are with them, they can call on us anytime they are afriad and so on. The monster phase passed and now we are into a "bee" phase. EVERY flying thing is a bee and both boys FREAK out over all flying bugs. We have tried talking to them, even drawing differnt bugs, trying to point out different bugs and what the purpose of them is ( even mosquitoes feed the frogs and birds!!) and so far we are not having any luck. It can be frustrating to be sure, but it is proven impossible to "reason" these fears away. GOOD LUCK! (That wasn't exactly a motivational comment - sorry!)

June said...

Oh my Julie... the bee thing... my son is nine and still freaks out. "AAH A WASP!!" Me: "That's a fly." It's panic stations every time.

I remember being afraid of the dark but not of monsters specifically... although I do remember nightmares about monsters. There is probably some deep psychological explanation for it... but hey, a nightlight works too. :)

Robynhood said...

It is developmental... we are going through the same thing at our house. Bad dreams and monsters. Tiny girl wont even go upstairs alone anymore to get something. I have to come with her each time. The parenting books say this is right on schedule and will pass.. looks like our kids are normal 2 year olds :)

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