Thursday, May 31, 2012

House for Sale

We put our house on the market 2 weeks ago.

We spent a month packing, sorting, sanding, painting and cleaning getting our house ready to sell.

It is the first time I have sold a house I own.  Before it was always my parents worrying about a house we owned selling.  I just got to hang out waiting to pack my bedroom for the move.

It is a wholly different experience when it is your own home.  There is so. much. work. to. do.

Not to mention the emotions of it all.  This is our home.  I talked about it here and I'd rather not get into it again or tears shall rain down upon my keyboard and then I will need a new computer.

We have had quite of bit of interest.  In fact, we even had 2 offers, 4 days after the house was on the market.  We accepted one of them...only to have the deal fall apart because the couple buying the house decided to get a divorce instead.  Yup! That's right! They are getting a divorce instead. 

The one thing I learned last year when I was going through my PAD (Post Adoption Depression) was not to make any major life decisions when you are under duress...apparently this should also be a clause included in the contract when you are purchasing a house. 

Said clause should read something like this: "Dear Buyers! If you are having a mid-life crisis, marriage trouble or are just looking at our house for the fun of it...please think twice about making us an offer.  Thank you very much!"

I jest! It is awful all around.  That couple are no longer a couple.  Sad.  Our losing a sale pales in comparison to someone losing their marriage. 

So, our realtor kindly contacted the next couple who had put an offer in on our beautiful home and they said "Yes, please! We are very interested. Can we come see it again?" Of course we complied with their request and they viewed it again on Saturday.  After seeing it a second time, they have decided to move to another city in another province.

Hello???????????? Is it something in the house????

This entire process is trying. Keeping your house tidy and neat all the time because at the drop of a hat someone might call and ask to come and view the house. Packing the 3 year old and 2 Chihuahuas into the car in record time and either going to the in-laws or just driving around for an hour is somewhat stressful.

The excitement of an offer, the scrambling to make sure you get the offer just right, getting ready for a home inspection only to find out the deal is falling apart...well it sure knocks you off your feet.

This week we have more showings...2 last night, 1 tonight and 1 tomorrow night. 

It's weird knowing you can't be in your house, the house you own, because strangers are there at that very moment looking at your things, going through your drawers, looking in your closets, standing in your bedroom.

It's all bit creepy!

We know our house will sell. It will just take the right buyer.

I'm just not sure my sanity will last until that right buyer comes along.


Kendra said...

Oh Rana, I have been there! It took me 4 months to sell my last house (it was winter) and I was going nuts. Got the the point that when people asked to come through during the Gold Medal Olympic hockey game I sat on the couch in my pyjamas with my neighbours while they toured! LOL. Serves them right for the stupid request.

Ranavan and Wee One said...

Oh Kendra! You made me laugh out loud! Did those people buy the house ?

RJ said...

If you need something to do tomorrow night, Danika plays ball over at Reid diamonds (Clancy Drive and Fairlight Drive)at 6:30. Diamond number 2. We will be there for 5:30ish already. Would love to see you and meet your hubby and Ade.

Your house will sell soon. Not to worry.

You can text me if you like to let me know if you're coming, I can watch for you then, cell number is on my facebook page.

Brendan and Mary said...

Drop me a text and come on over! Or we could you for walk by the river!

BTW, any thought I have entertained about moving in the ext couple foyers has been icicles sully squashed. Thanks!

Davidgibson said...

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Anonymous said...

Oh crap Rana, I thought you would be good to go when I saw you!

It's a beautiful house, I'm sure the right buyer will be right around the corner!

june said...

it's the keeping it clean that's the worst part...

(ps - I have sold 5 houses. Yes, I have a problem.)

Tova said...

I can attest to June having at least one problem... hee hee.

Your house will sell and you will look back on it in the future as a short blip of stressful cleaning time. Oh, and hire a cleaner for at least once a week to give yourself a break. Please.

Maple Walnut Mama said...

Sending much luck that your house sells quickly. Keeping everything perfect & clean especially with a toddler.

Ofelia Bertrand said...

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Calvin Mordarski said...

Aww, that’s really upsetting. Selling your house can come in two ways – it’s either a fast or a slow sell. My sister had that experience too. She actually had her house out on the market for a year. Indeed, it’s a long process, but it’s worth the wait.

Avril Copperfield said...

“We know our house will sell. It will just take the right buyer.”—That’s the spirit! If you’re trying to sell your house, you must really be patient. Sometimes, it really takes a long time for you to have a buyer. You may need to promote your house even more or potential buyers may find something unusual to your house. You should try to determine what these problems are in order for you to change those things. Well, it’s been a year. I really hope that your house has a new owner. :)

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