Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Inflight Entertainment or Ade's First Christmas?

I could regale you with stories from our 13 hours in the air enroute to Dubai but I'm not that mean. I would hate to bore you with 13 hours of nothingness.

I won't bother telling you that Yvan slept almost the whole flight and I spent the entire time fighting off the hand of the guy sitting on the other side of me. I won't mention that he tried to grab my ass pretty much the entire flight and covered it up by pretending to be asleep. There will be no stories about how said guy never spoke a word to us unless Yvan got up and went to the washroom. Then the "ass-grabber" told me all about himself and how if I liked he would give me his number and he could show me around Dubai while we were there. Not sure how that would have worked since MY HUSBAND would have been there too.

Anyways, instead of telling you THAT story....I will show you pictures of Ade's first Christmas with us instead.

It is a much happier story!!! I will title the story.....


Christmas Morning - having our oatmeal.

Coffee on the couch with Daddy. He still doesn't understand the presents under the tree are for him so he isn't even interested in them....YET!

Opening his stocking.

Ooooooh! What's in here?

There's more?????

Brunch with Yvan's family (missing his sis and her hubs - they joined us later)

Post present opening disaster area!

Playing choo-choo trains

Helping Grandpa open his gift :)

Riding his new car!


Carolyn said...

Awesome post and awesome pics!!!! So excited that you had your first X-mas as a family of three! Looks like you had a fabulous holiday! It makes me happy to see you happy!


Angela Sandau said...

Great pictures! Addis has the same Lightning McQueen car. It's a huge hit with him. Looks like you had a great Christmas. What a difference a year makes!

Melissa said...

Boo for creepy airplane neighbours!

Yay for best Christmas ever!!!!

Karen said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

Loved getting to see bits & pieces of your Best Christmas - also love that you just did 2 posts in a row! You've been missed!
Cannot BELIEVE you had a sleeping-butt-grabber next to you on the plane! What the hey was that about!?

Anonymous said...

love the pics!!

emily said...

Love seeing those pics! So precious that he didn't even understand that all those presents were for him!

I can't believe it's only been a year though.... feels like longer to me!

Sharla said...

I love that you finally had little feet and a little voice and little hands at Christmas! It really does look like the best Christmas ever!!!