Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Chocolate and Cheese Sweats


What is it about Christmas time that instills in people free range to eat anything and everything in sight?

Or is it just me who does that?

This year leading into Christmas I was really good. I was sticking to my new eating style, working-out like a mad-dog and using self-control beautifully. In fact, (excuse me whilst I brag a little) I lost 2% body fat and 2lbs in 2 months. Now, I realize I don't have a lot of weight to lose but body fat is something totally different so I was very pleased with this. I have seen a noticeable change in how my body looks (leaner) and feels (stronger) because of this.

I promised myself I would stick it out entirely through Christmas allowing myself a couple of splurge days on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Because everyone deserves to splurge now and then.

Christmas Eve we had a lovely potluck appetizer gathering at my bro-in-law's house. I hadn't been eating much cheese (I did eat about 8lbs of cheese at another family gathering the week before) or bread so seeing all the delightful food on the table had me salivating more than Pavlov's dog.

I dug in!

I dug in hard!

It was good! Well, it tasted good anyways. The eating always feels different than the digesting. Typically after I have eaten certain foods, and an over abundance of them, the after result is uncomfortable and not so pleasant for my husband (think lactose intolerant symptoms). I know you've all been there. (Well maybe not the lactose intolerant symptoms.)

Then we headed back to our house (we live next door) for some dessert. The box(es) of chocolate were opened and it was game over.

Seeing all of those delicious dark chocolates nestled in their tiny, little beds inside the glittery, gold box with a pretty bow on top melted my heart like a fondue pot! I began to eat one, then another and another and....well you get the picture.

The gluttony fest had begun. My wall of will power came crumbling down and visions of hamburgers, sweet potato fries, apple pie, potato chips, waffles with whipped cream and chocolate cake danced through my head.

Over the next week I ate myself silly. It's almost as if once I started my brain (re stomach) said "Well, you've started now you might as well keep on going." By New Year's Day night my stomach and digestive system had, had enough of the junk food.

I pulled our last organic chicken out of the freezer on New Year's Day and so it was ready for the next day. Monday I roasted the chicken in the oven, made some sweet potatoes and corn to accompany the chicken and we sat down to a delicious, healthy meal.

It tasted good!

Yesterday we returned to the gym for the first time since the day before Christmas Eve. Oh my! What a week off and non-stop eating can do to a person when they go back to their regularly scheduled program.

I felt sluggish and slow, heavy and thick!

And the sweat! It was not a good sweat!

There is the healthy, salty, "I've just worked out really hard" sweat you get from a work out.

But this was full of everything I had eaten over the last week. Mostly, Chocolate and Cheese!I could feel the chocolate oozing from my forehead as I did my row, box jumps and knees-to-elbows.

Today, it was the cheese sweats! Trickling, thickly down my face as I did back squats.


While I love Christmas and all the glad tidings it brings, I am definitely happy it has come and now gone and we can get back to life as we know it.

Sans chocolate and cheese sweats.


Anonymous said...

Ok, "cheese sweat" may just be the grossest thing I have ever read. I'm just sayin'.

and you are far from alone... I bought vegetables yesterday, for the first time in 2 weeks. Sigh.

Carolyn said...

I am too ashamed to even get on the scale after the past month of eating junk! I am jealous of how committed you are to staying in shape! Wish you were closer to motivate me. If you are planning a Canadian trip....... PEI is a beautiful spot!


Tova said...

That was almost too disgusting to read, but I totally get it. I went for my post Christmas run and it was PAINFUL. I felt the same way, thick, slow, heavy. I came home and told husband it was like running through mud the whole time.

Why do we do this to ourselves?

PS. Poor Yvan.

Anonymous said...

I nearly dry heaved reading this post! Cheese sweats ... blech! Chocolate sweats are a different story.
My tummy was just re-introduced to leafy greens as well - you are not alone my friend.

emily said...

ew, cheese sweats! that is disgusting!!! lol. oh, this was funny to read.

good for you for committing to a healthy lifestyle! i have been eating like crap too and need to do some sort of cleanse or something.... way too much sugar lately!

hazel said...

Exercise? WHAT??

Karen said...

I too "ate myself silly" over the holidays. I told my husband I had likely gained ten pounds. He said, "Don't be silly. You'd have to eat like 6000 calories a day for two weeks." Pretty much exactly what I did. I gained seven pounds. Seven pounds. Seven. A slight wake-up call that I'm officially now way too old to go on a two+ week chocolate bender without gaining considerable weight.

But it's a new day!

Congrats to you for having made the effort before the holidays so that, hopefully, you'll bounce back in no time.