Tuesday, October 11, 2011

You Are Now Entering....


It happened Saturday night while we were at our friend's house for Thanksgiving dinner.

It was about 6:12p.m. and we were sitting at the dinner table eating.

Ade offered up his first "WHY?"

After eating like a fiend the last few weeks, Saturday night he declined to eat.

Said he was "All done." very matter of factly and tried to leave the table.

He knows this is not kosher.

When we told him he had to wait for everyone to finish eating he said...


And the Why's have continued all weekend.

In his little, sweet voice he has been asking "WHY?" to everything.

And when you answer him, he asks "WHY?" to that question.

We had been told the "Why" stage would come shortly after the "NO" stage.

It was like a switch had been flipped.

The "WHY" switch!

We still get some no's but he is also using the word...wait for it......


now and then.


But we are starting to see how

the WHY Stage can be never ending.

Because you can ask "WHY?" endlessly!


Julie said...

The Why stage is a fun one to be sure !

Sharla said...

Ahh, the why stage! It always makes me realize how little I actually know! Why IS the sky blue?

Anonymous said...

Start counting down now until the day you open your mouth and your mother's voice comes out, saying "Because I SAID SO, THAT'S WHY!!"

trust me... it will happen.... ;)

andrea said...

I have two sets of endless why's happening here every day from morning to night. Some are easy to answer, some not so much, but the one that makes me crazy is when they do something and then ask me why... seriously??!? How should I know??!? Often I wish I did!! A

RJ said...

So happy to hear you are enjoying every minute with your little man...he seems to be a very curious little boy! Keep having the laughs together.

Dianne said...


Boltupright is right. "Because I said so" is on its way. But you can avoid it sometimes a couple of key moves:

(1) the Shiney Objects Maneuver ("Ade! Look at the airplane!")

(2) the Deferral ("why do you think, Ade?") which may sometimes result in an entertaining answer. :)

Liz said...

I feel you...we are still in the why stage over here, though it has tapered off a bit. In hindsight, I'm going to miss it a little - it was kind of flattering to have someone think I knew the answer to every single question (though it was also maddening in the moment!).

I have also used the "because I said so!" line more than I ever thought I would, and "why do YOU think?" can work sometimes too. Some days I also impose a "why" quota and declare that there can be no more questions for the day. Good luck!

Joy said...

We get so many "why" questions around here, it's not even funny. One is truly curious about EVERYTHING and how it works, where it came from, etc., and also uses it to challenge us (our 4 year-old), the other uses it to start conversations when he can't think of anything else to say, or to be defiant (our 3 year-old). I will not miss this. Sometimes I just stand there trying to think of way of saying the question doesn't even make sense in the context they used it, or that there isn't a "why" to what they just asked, or that whatever I just said before they asked "why?" WAS the reason/why...oh my.

Connie said...

Just when I thought we'd miss the "why" stage completely, our son entered it. He just started it recently, which is a bit later than most kids, I think. I actually find it kind of fun... maybe because he's older and can understand the answers better at age four, rather than he would've at two or three. But I know how you feel about it never ending... because you can just keep asking "why" for every answer you're given.

Tova said...

About 6:12??? Did the earth shift and I missed it?

They why stage. So wonderful and normal and maddeningly horrible. I use the 'why do you think?' a lot. Or I say, you already know that, so don't ask. That's for the obvious questions that my B.man likes to ask five hundred million times in an hour.

I feel your impending pain.

PS. I feel left out. My mom never said that. Not sure what she said...