Friday, October 14, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess I am feeling burnt out.

I confess the weather the last couple of days has been very drab and dreary!

I confess I was awake at 3AM...back to bed at 5AM...wee one awake at 6AM...diaper change, back to bed and thankfully he slept until 8AM.

I confess I am not looking forward to winter and the cold it brings.

I confess we went to a museum yesterday with some friends and it was delightful. The kids had a great time running around together. (Imagine, if you will, 6 kids all under the age of 3, old cars, trains and french fries)

I confess I have 2 pairs of pants to get hemmed but I just can't seem to get my act together to get to the tailor.

I confess I could use those 2 pairs of now that it is not shorts/skirt weather anymore.

I confess I am still in my pajamas and it is noon!

I confess I need a nap.

I confess this is the end of my Confession Friday.


Tova said...

I confess I only have one pair of pants.

I confess that I want to call you and sip a Chai Latte while chatting with you.

I confess I wish you could come for a visit, more. :)

Carolyn said...

As usual I love your confessions! Have a great weekend- hope you get some sleep!


Anonymous said...

OMG you do a confession friday, too!? I thought I had made it up! Hah that is so cool....

(bio and adoptive mommy)

Claudia said...

I confess I would like a nap. MMMMMMMMMMMM.