Friday, September 16, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess I have no clue where the week went! I can't believe it is Friday again.

I confess it has gotten cold here. Cold enough for us to turn on our furnace at night.

I confess I am still thinking about another tattoo. Actually likely 2 tattoos. One of Ade's name in Amharic on my arm...another one still to be determined with Africa in mind.

I confess we are having some family photos done again this weekend. Casual shots of the 3 of us...the ones we had in the spring were amazing but I was not "present" so these will be ones where we are are all much happier.

I confess Grandma and Grandpa are taking Ade for a sleep over tonight. He loves going over there and we love the night to ourselves. Anything can happen on our date nights you know...even falling asleep on the couch by 9p.m. ;)

I confess I took Ade to a Karate class last night. He did great...for the first 10 minutes... and then he just ran around the rest of the class while they did their moves. That is o.k. because he was exhausted when we got home and went right to bed without a peep!

I confess my little Grandma has been very sick the last couple of weeks and has me worried. She is 88 and we are very close and I love her very much!

I confess Ade and I are going for a walk this morning with our friend Tara and her daughter Anna. We will probably stop for muffins and tea! Yum!

I confess we have tickets to see a play of a production called "Nevermore" from a theatre group out of Vancouver. The last performance we saw of theirs was "Frankenstein" and it was fantastical!!! It promises to be "The Imaginary Life and Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe" and I love Edgar Allen Poe. The best part of all is we will be seeing it close to Halloween

I confess I love Halloween! We have a costume in mind for Ade already for Halloween but now I don't what to do in terms of handing out candy because that part it so much fun too! Do we go out early with Ade and come back to catch the older kids?

I confess my mom is going to the airport on Saturday to greet Tova and family and take some photos! I wish I could go with her!


Carolyn said...

As always love confession Fridays! Also looking forward to pics of the Halloween costume! I bought Leul one this week!


The Gaboury's said...

I Confess.... I am soo excited to finally get the chance to meet you in person. I confess.... your tattoo idea sounds awesome!! Love it!!!

shaunak said...

Halloween? Am I supposed to be thinking about that already? Yikes.
If anyone came to our house (they don't because we are rural), my kids would probably much rather hand out candy (in costume) so that they could see what the other kids are wearing. I also take away most of the candy they collect, so we would also be able to skip that step :)

Anonymous said...

I think you have to rock-paper-scissors with Yvan to see who gets to take him trick or treating, and who stays home. ;) I haven't handed out candy in 4 years...

Tova said...

So glad your mom was there, wish she had come by and hung out for a bit. Also, save the tattoo for when you are here and we can go get tattooed together! It will be bonding! :)