Friday, September 9, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess it has been a very long time since I have done a confession. I think the last one was Canada Day and really that wasn't much of a confession at all.

I confess last week we spent the week at the lake and we have determined we LOVE lake life. It is so peaceful and relaxing what with the waves lapping at the beach, the smell of campfires permeating the air and the sounds of kids actually playing outside.

I confess some good friends came and stayed with us for the September long weekend at the cabin we had rented. It was quite cozy with 11 adults, 3 kidlets and 2 dogs all hanging out in a space of about 500 sq ft but it was so much fun!

I confess all the adults who had kids didn't make it past 11p.m. My how life has changed!

I confess I love the fall! It is such a beautiful time of year. I do not, however, love the weather that follows the fall!

I confess I am counting down to Thanksgiving because Thanksgiving means PUMPKIN PIE!!!! 30 days to go!

I confess I am nervous about the competion we are in tomorrow. I have been dreaming of Clean and Jerks, deadlifts, ring pull-ups, prowler pushes and thrusters for the last 2 nights!

I confess Ade is getting so tall. He was so short and so babylike when we first met him and now he is tall and very toddler-esque.

I confess Ade has been going to daycare. He loves it. And best of all at the end of the day he is very happy to see us which is making all of us happy.

I confess I will be heading back to work soon. Full time come January but for now easing back in to it slowly. Sigh.

I confess we are building a new house. When I told Yvan I would be ready to build again, I had no idea it would mean we would be doing this year. I thought in a year or two. I need to be careful of what I say.

I confess this new house will be my work project for the next couple of months as I help organize everything for it plus de-clutter and pack our current house in anticipation of the move.

I confess I hate moving.

I confess Lyndsey and Kevin are home with their kids! This homecoming has been way to long in the making. We couldn't be happier for this lovely family of 4 to finally all be together in Canada.

I confess Tova is in Africa and I have been thinking of her everyday and hoping they will be all coming home with Joy next week!


Anonymous said...

I confess I missed reading all those Friday blogposts. :)

The Gaboury's said...

Good luck on competition tomorrow!! Go kick some butt!!!
I love the fall too, but hate what comes after the fall(A winter that drags on forever)!!!

Melissa said...

I agree with Tafel!

Robynhood said...

I confess I too have missed your confession Friday posts. Im glad you have started them again! I also confess that I have been wishing Tova home everyday too!

Carolyn said...

I love your confession Fridays! Hope all went well today- I am sure you did great! I am envious of your determination.

I also LOVE pumpkin pie- can't wait!