Friday, March 11, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess this week has been a hard one...and it is not just because of struggles I have been has been because of this and this and this.

I confess we will donate here and here to help Japan and you should too..even if it is a little bit $5, $10, $20...because really, truly every little bit helps.

I confess I have some reading to do and I have been putting it off because once I read it everything may change and it scares me.

I confess you should read this because it is once again written far better than I ever could.

I confess it wasn't all bad this week - I did get to go out with my most excellent friend Lori and have Schmoo torte...and if you don't know what that is well I'm sorry because you are missing out!

I confess I took the wee one to Flip today - it is a gymnastics facility and today was drop-in day and he loved to run up and down the trampoline.

I confess wee one is possibly deciding he doesn't want to nap anymore which makes him (and me) very grumpy come the end of the day.

I confess yesterday it warmed up to -2 so we went for a stroller walk which we both enjoyed and now today it is!

I confess I feel like someone, somewhere is trying to tell us something and we aren't listening.

I confess it is Friday...TGIF!


Dancin' Momma said...

{{hugs}} My friend

Brendan and Mary said...

Amen! TGIF!!!

Carolyn said...

I has been quite a week in the news that is for sure! Glad that you were out and about with Ade. The nicer weather sure does help! Wish I was closer to you guys.


Melissa said...

I think this week was universally difficult. I don't know why.

Thank goodness for schmoo!

Tova said...

Universally difficult is right! TGIF is right!

natasha salaash said...

Thanks for the link to that post Rana. It was basically what we were talking about on Thursday. Sighhhhh. Take care of yourself and I look forward to seeing you next week!
did I mention how nice it was to see you with Ade in your arms????

Jess said...

my heart was heavy this week as well... hugs my friend.

The Gaboury's said...

Yes, it was quite the week of bad news. Thinking of everone who is affected by all of this.

Anonymous said...

Aw, you changed the blog name too! I love it!

Also, mmmm, schmoo.