Friday, September 24, 2010

The Vomit Factor

I am a walking time bomb of vomit right now.

So gross, ya, I know...but true.

My anxiety level has reached an all time high whereas I feel like I could spew at any and every moment of the day.

I wake up feeling nauseous and I go to bed feeling the same way.

We have been slowly working on the room.

The slowness with which we are getting the room ready....makes me want to vomit!

I would prefer to have the room ready by now. However, this is not the case and I have to deal with it. Slow is better than not at all. (Newsflash! We will be doing a weekend room blitz because I have declared it so!)

Washing of all clothes for the wee one has begun. Now, how this wee little dude ended up with 15 sleepers all size 18-24 months is beyond me. 15!!!! That is not counting the onesies we have (which I refuse to count because I am not sure he will even need to wear onesies at all.)

And so, our little dude will be wearing a lot of sleepers just so I can justify the fact I purchased so many. (I am sure this will be the basis of many future therapy sessions when he is an adult) When did I purchase 15 sleepers anyways???? Oh ya, it was the times I was at Costco and my cart would go into autopilot and guide itself over to the kids clothes. I rue the day you came into existence Costco for more than one reason but mainly because you make the cutest sleepers for $7.98 plus tax. And yes, I know I shouldn't buy these sleepers mass produced in another country, most likely by child labour but they are SO CUTE!!! The fact I have fallen into the oh-so-cleverly laid trap of this behemoth makes me feel queasy.

I digress...

While washing all the clothes and going through what we have, I get anxious again. Do we have enough socks? What about t-shirts?? Pants??? Sweaters????? It gets cold where we live. Very cold!

What about shoes? I haven't been able to buy shoes yet because we aren't sure what size his feet are! Will he be shoeless and taunted by all the other children because his parents weren't capable enough to determine shoe size!?????

Oy vey...I need to lay down before I toss my cookies from the worry of "Will we be able to handle properly clothing our child?"

In August, my momma was in town for a visit, so I enlisted her as well as my mom and sis-in-law to help me shop for the necessities of raising a toddler. So I set about creating a list of what we would need to have with us for our trip to Ethiopia and once we were back at home


The number of items on my list for "toiletries" for wee one.

46 Items!!!!!!

This number is brought to me by family, friends and fellow adoptive parents who have BTDT and passed on their lists to me.


We need a suitcase just for the toiletries...seriously?

Then there is the question of what to pack for clothes for him, toys to keep to him occupied, food for the trip home so he doesn't think we are inept at feeding him as well.

This all leads into - How will the first meeting go? Will he even want to come to us? What will be thinking as we whisk him away from all he knows? For certain he will be thinking "Who are these people who clearly have no experience at parenting?"

I need some of the Baby Gravol I purchased to keep the waves of nausea in my stomach at bay.

O.k. so getting ready for our little dude clearly has a huge vomit factor.

But so does the wondering! The waiting.

Has our medical left yet? How long until it gets to Nairobi? Will it get lost along the way?

When will someone look at it? How much time will take them to review it? Will it be weeks or months until the Visa is issued?

Insert commercial for Rescue Remedy here because without it I would not be able to stay sane.

Normally, when dealing with a stressful situation, I would try to empty the entire contents of the fridge and pantry into my mouth at once...but the thought of our most delicious homemade pizza or my favourite dessert (Schmoo) totally makes me want to gag as in "Like, Oh MY GAWD, gag me with a spoon".

The vomit factor.

On a scale of 1 - 10...

...I am running at an 11!


turgeonexpansion said...

Please don't puke on me.

That said, girl, I love that you have 15 sleepers! Rock on! Costco jammies are seriously the best..but beware those little tikes are smart and can figure out how to take sleepers off in a hurry!! I couldn't put on anything older than an 18 month sleeper due to Chris Angel at my house ( I mean Eden).

But that medical is going to be there right away and then officially we can do a visa countdown!!

D Dae said...

Yikes, now I am a little sick to my stomach! Just remember, good or bad, tough or smooth, it will be your journey to YOUR SON! You have an amazing support network that will help you through anything, but most of all, you are fantastic people with a fantastic little boy. At the end of the day, together, you will overcome anything. {{hugs}}

Katie said...

It will all be okay! I love that you have 15 sleepers (which sometimes you might be grateful for - seriously, if you haven't done laundry for a few days, if there are diapers leaks, etc, you will be very happy to have extras!). As for the 46 toiletries, it is better to be overprepared, than under. When we travel Owen's clothes and other goodies take up about 200x more space than ours, and we use most of it!

Can I recommend Grumpy Bird as a book to take along for entertainment? The story is simple and funny, and the pictures are fantastic! Owen can look at them over and over and over again...

Ramona said...

Oh Rana. This post brings me right back to where you are at... And, the shoes I brought were ALL too big (except one pair of robeezs for M and P just wore big shoes!) The panic of do I have enough and do I have too much and hurry up visa!!! Come on visa. I lost all my adoption wait gain in the weeks and months of visa panic/wait/problems and then still hardly ate all through our Ethiopia trip (unfortunately at 6 months home it's all found it's way back to me) and so remember the I-need-to-throw-up feeling... Ugggghh.
Man I want to see the post that you are in packing panic and everyone tells you that whatever you miss size or didn't bring you can just buy there....
A bit of advice- get the meds they recommend in the travel book- it's a lot, but so worth it for you and for Ade!
And then there's the stress of the first meeting- so NOT like a hospital birth setting and yet just as sacred.
I'm holding your family of 3 in my prayers.

Keltie said...

Hahaha. Costco is dangerous like that. But fyi, their sleepers shrink if he seems to be growing out of them faster than the rest of his clothes you will know why. :-)

This is deliciously close now! WIsh we lived nearby so I could come help with the rooom. Or at least make you some bengal spice and have a chat.

Liz said...

Well, if you do puke, please don't post pictures!

I agonized over shoes too - Elfe got here in December, and it's cold here too! I ended up getting fleece-lined crocs and a couple of very think pairs of socks - I figured if the crocs were way too big, she could wear them with the socks, and if they were too small she could go with a thinner pair of socks. It worked!

Brendan and Mary said...

I feel sick for you. I seriously think about you guys everyday, hoping I'm going to get that text, "We're going!!" I know that it's coming soon.

Try not to worry about having everything. You'll find out his shoe size when you are there, email me, then I'll buy him some boots and whatever else he needs while you are gone! We didn't have our luggage for the first five days in SA and it really didn't matter. And one of my kids was critically ill in the hospital and the other had explosive diarrhea 20 times a day. Sure we stunk, but we didn't care! Once you're there none of it matters.

Let me know if you need help with the room, a drink, a walk, a shopping/packing partner, or anything at all.

Big hugs,

wholetthishappen said...

Oh lady, flashbacks to adopting my E.

I way over packed and left 2/3 of everything there. And really, all you need to survive with a toddler is snack food, some diapers, clothes, blankies, and a pair of arms.

And I hear you about the Costco sleepers...too cute. But B. man can get out of all of them, maybe I should ship you my unused ones...bring your number up to 20.

Also, at this stage with E, Rescue Remedy didn't cut it and I had to pair it up with Ativan. No shame in that, if it keeps you from puking and being a mess for the next while.



PS. Stop right now and make some ginger nice for anxiety/pukey tummies.

Rowan Family Tree said...

You are hilarious, Rana - and I can tootally relate!!!!

Nicky said...

This is a personal email for you, Rana :-) so please delete it if it shows up as a comment...

I know you were a faya orphanage supporter in the past - that's so great. Are you interested in becoming a sponsor again? We're in need of on-going sponsors for the Faya kids....

Thanks for your consideration! (and for your past support!)


Shannon said...

Sorry you are feeling so stressed! It will really work itself out. Your little guy will not suffer if his clothes are too big or he doesn't have enough socks in the first week!!! Can I make a suggestion for the shoe situation? I would highly recommend Robeez leather slippers. They sell them at most of the used clothing stores (but they're not used). Try Once Upon a Child on Gray Avenue. They come in sizes 12-18 months and 18-24. Maybe get a slightly smaller size as I think a lot of times adopted kids from foreign countries can be on the teenier side. They stay on great and they don't have to be an "exact" size. And they are super comfy to wear for little ones. Plus they're just about the cutest thing you've EVER seen! :)

boltupright said...

I prescribe gravol. Or possibly wine, which might seem counter-intuitive, but still.

I don't think 15 sleepers is overkill... hell I have 5 pairs of pajamas for Sport and sometimes he goes to bed in a t-shirt because they are all in the wash. And he's 7! Take a bunch with you and if you think you're not going to need them, just donate them.

looking forward to the results of the weekend room blitz!

Janice said...

Rana, that is hilarious. I mean it's funny but not funnyl I thought you were going to say you had the flu

I think all new moms go through the same feeling. No matter what you buy or do to get prepared, you are never really ready. In the end though you realize that it really doesn't matter cause everything works out fine. Having said that, I'm going through something similar. I'm also making slow progress on the bedroom and have way too many clothes for her. I was stressing over what size her feet might be and I do know what size her feet are.

Save the vomit feeling for that first meeting. I think I'll feel the same. I had some interesting visa news this week that I hope to post on my blog tonight. It went from bad to not so bad but man was I stressed yesterday.


Janice said...

I meant to say I don't know what size her feet are (so I poll everyone I know with kids of a similar age to get an idea).


CinnamonOpus said...

Bah. I'm the queen of overprepared. Sometimes it's a good thing. 15 sleepers sounds good to me, especially nights when someone pees through them. And onesies will be a great thing when somebody starts taking his diaper off in the middle of the night because, well, he can.

It's going to be fine. Breathe. And buy big suitcases.

Julie said...

Valium! Now!
We brought nearly one hundred pairs of fake croq's 'froq's' as it were, had Meazi pick some that fit and donated the rest.

Anonymous said...

Your rescue remedy might not be strong enough to do the trick! Something stronger, dear Rana, something stronger!
All this vomit talk MUST mean things are happening.
Hoping his sweet feet fit into whatever shoes you have for him. If not, hoping some other lovely family has a pair of perfectly sized Robeez nearby.
Sending Hugs and Non-Gag provoking vibes your way.

Janice said...

Could I leave one more comment on this post!!

I just wanted to tell you I made some good progress on the room today. I bought a chair and a dresser and it will painted and wallpapered on Monday. Woohoo.

Also I finally picked and purchased a diaper bag off lussobaby. Love that site (got it from you).


Chad, Laura and Sara said...

Oh Rana, you can always make me smile!! I know that feeling all too well, but you describe it so perfectly.

I can top the 15 sleepers - I have 21 pairs of 2T shorts - WTF if wrong with me.

And shoes - funny I do the same thing as Janice, I have asked everyone I know with a child of similar age, and it looks like if we buy size 6 we will be the safest. I know our boys are close in age so maybe that might help.

Love ya girl, Laura

hazel said...

Rana, I'm ready to puke on your behalf. I feel your anxiety in my gut.


Yes, the Ativan works WONDERS! It saved me from an ulcer, I'm sure....or slitting my wrists with a plastic knife, whichever came first.

Don't discount the onesies. I didnt 'get' them at first, but I now use them fairly often under long-sleeved shirts and sweaters and such. You'll want them in the winter. The pretty ones B wears as t-shirts. That way her Budda belly isn't always peeking out.

I can't wait to see the room - hope you took the Before pics.

p.s. You will appreciate those 15 sleepers. Right now, B is peeing through hers in the mornings so they go in the wash every day.

p.p.s. At 20-mths now, B is a size 5 shoe - heading to a size 6. Go for soft Robeez or such where you can fudge the size either way.

Jess & Darrell said...

I can relate to the vomiting... most definitely! But I think part of that worry is sheer excitement too!
And you will be a FANTASTIC mom!! :)

Carolyn said...

I love that you have 15 sleepers!!! Send along some pics of that nursery- can't wait to see it. I totally get the need to vomit! I am currently feeling totally barfy! Nerves will do that I think. Hang in there your travel day will be coming very soon!


Claudia said...

I bought rescue remedy at the airport, because I was just SO totally freaked out.

So I totally relate!!

Rachella said...

i know it's been said but ginger tea, ginger tea, ginger tea!!

best to make your own... sliced or crushed fresh ginger and hot water is all you need. some like to add honey and or lemon (i do not personally).

or the lemon ginger tea from Shoppers Drugs (Life brand) is pretty yum and nice on the tum! ;-)

darci said...

46 toiletries that is FUNNY! :) He is going to be well stocked at least with supplies! :) ugh, I can imagine the naseau...can't wait to hear the news of your travel! it's coming it's coming! :)

Natalie and Chris said...

I'm guilty of the Costco carts as well, they always direct me to the super cute sleepers and somehow I always end up with one in my cart.

Sorry you are feeling so horrible and full of worry. It will all go away when you meet your little man, as you will be the perfect mother and forgetting a shoe/sock/hat are things most mothers go through...hoping everyday for you to get THE Call.

Alicia said...

God Bless the inventor of Rescue Remedy! It got me through Sofias, adoption, Maizies pregnancy, and my daily life with them.
You are going to be a fantastic mother! Reading your post takes me back because it is EXACTLY how I felt. You are going to fall so naturally into motherhood. We just need to get all these damn stars aligned so you can go get Mr. Man!