Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Friends We Meet Along The Way

We have been very privileged to meet some amazing people because of our adoption.

Near and far, we have made some very good friends over the last 3 years.

We could not have gotten to this point with out those friends.

Last weekend (August Long - I know this is very late but I was waiting to be sure it was o.k. to post their photos on my blog)

Last weekend we had the absolute pleasure of meeting Laura, Chad and Sara .

They were on their way to Cypress for a family reunion and Laura emailed and asked if they could stop in and meet us on their way down.

We have been emailing for quite sometime and read each other's blogs faithfully, so I jumped at the chance and said of course.

They stayed one night with us and it was so much fun.

It is always a bit nerve wracking meeting new people for the first time. Especially 'Internet friends' because 'Hey, you never know' they might be axe wielding murderers!

But Chad, Laura and Sara were definitely not! They are awesome!

Both Yvan and I felt extremely comfortable with them from the get go and really enjoyed their relaxed, easygoing style.

Laura is amazing to talk to - I felt like I had known her forever.

Sara is a cutie-patootie!! She loved, loved, loved the animals and they loved her too. She wants to be a vet one day and she will be fabulous at it!

We both have a friend, Laura, in common who lives where I live.

She is also in the process of adopting from Ethiopia so her and her family came over for dessert and a visit.

It is so nice to be able to connect with people who understand what you are going through.

Next year, we will all have to meet half way between where we live and you live Chad, Laura and Sara for a visit!!!


Kari --- said...

How beautiful to have friends who 'get' what you're going through!
And, just some trivia, I was engaged to my husband I met online, before I actually even met him in person! We'll be married 13 years next week :) :) :)

CinnamonOpus said...

That's cool! Sounds like a great visit!

Oh, and just so you know? I actually AM a hatchet-wielding axe murderer.


Ramona said...

Ahhh... As I commented on Laura's blog, that I still am sad we never met last summer when we were hoping to- maybe nest summer we'll be brave enough to take another road trip!

Who actually ate her supper yesterday behind Laura at the Ethiopian pavilion at folklorama! And got to visit with her a bit!

Janice said...

Ah man.. Yep I'm jealous. I can only hope that I get to see you both in E this fall... Fingers crossed.


Janice said...

Ah man.. Yep I'm jealous. I can only hope that I get to see you both in E this fall... Fingers crossed.


Janice said...

OOPS! That was an accident but I might as well just say that my two identical comments can be used to emphasize how jealous I am and how much I hope we get to meet in E.

hazel said...

So if you guys come stay with me and B you'll keep your axe at home?

I guess I know Cinn's answer to that question...