Monday, December 1, 2008

Bead For Life

Yesterday I hosted a Bead for Life party. Bead for Life is an organization which partners with women in need from Uganda to help make a difference in their lives. The party featured beautiful beaded jewelry made of recycled paper by refugees from Northern Uganda’s brutal war and HIV+ mothers. All of the women Bead for Life works with were living on less than a dollar a day before they began making beads.

The best part of all is that the money raised from the sale of the beads goes directly to the women and communities in Uganda. The hostess/host do not get any benefits from hosting....they need to buy their jewelry just like everyone else.

Hosting the event is free - doesn't cost you one red penny (of course any food or refreshments you serve are your expense). You contact Bead for Life - they ask how big and when your party will be. You give them your address and they send you out the kit with all the jewelry in it. Then you sell the jewelry to your friends and send the money back to Beads for Life. There is no shipping costs involved - nothing, nada! It was awesome!

And the jewelry is AMAZING!!! It is so much prettier and more intricate when you see it in person.

Because I am a cotton-headed-ninny-muggins (I have been itching to use that since I watched Elf Saturday night for the umpteenth time) I forgot to take pictures of all the gals trying the jewelry on. Sheesh! Can you believe it.

I think about 25 women came out for the party (thanks to all those who brought friends and family along) making it a success. The total sales from the day where just a few dollars shy of $1700.

$1700!!!!!! YOU GALS ROCK !!! I am so excited to send the money to Bead for Life - All the purchasing of jewelry for yourself or loved ones has just made a woman and her family's life on the other side of the world that much better!!! How awesome is that!

The adoption posse came out in full force - Cheryl, Rhonda, Ricki, Sandi, Natasha, Jessica and Shauna...they hung around after for a visit and catch up...Rhonda's right...we all need to be living in the same city to do this more often - come on Ricki and Rhonda - move to Toon Town. Shannon - we missed you and wished you were there - I made black bottom cupcakes in your honour (they were awesome!). Jess it was nice to meet you! We will see you soon hopefully :)

I love that women came together to celebrate and empower women a world away. I challenge all other women out there who read my blog to throw a Bead for Life party...and blog about it!


Rhonda and Kristin said...

Rana, thank so much, you ARE the hostess with the mostess! I'm so happy that the party did so GREAT and we raised some money for the women in Uganda.

I think I feel about 10 lbs fatter after my date with the cheese platter....mmmmm, that cheese was good....

Julie said...

How cool!!!

Shannon and Dan said...

Wow! That is fantastic that you were able to raise that much for the women and communities in Uganda. Their jewelery is beautiful and it is so great that we are able to purchase these wonderful items.
I was thinking about you while you had your party and was wishing that I was there instead of where I was.

haze said...

This is such a fantastic idea. Well done Rana and friends!

Kristen and Dave said...

Hi Rana,

That sounds amazing. I think I'm going to host one in Regina. I'm heading to Selam (Regina's Ethiopian restaurant) for Mom's Night Out (my first adoption-related event)on Friday. I'll mention this to the girls and drum up some interest.

BTW - I also watched Elf on Saturday night - it cracks me up every time.

Kristen :)

4 Little Birdies said...

This is so great Rana!!!!! I have wanted to have one of these parties for a while now.

Curvy Runner said...

What a great idea. I passed it on to a teacher I know that teaches a "World Issues" class. I think it would be a perfect project for them!

Stephanie said...

I REALLY wish I didn't live in Ontario....I know my family is here but I want to be part of the adoption posse!! :-)

I'm thinking I should host a Bead for Life party in February. It will help beat the February blues and give me something to look forward to.

Steph :-)

Danielle and Nick said...

$1700 is AWESOME!! What a huge difference that is going to make for the women of Uganda!

Ricki said...

Thanks for hosting Rana! It was a blast and how cool that the end tally was $1700!!!! Awesome!
Maybe Bruce's next transfer will be to toon town...that would be fun!
It was so nice to get together with everyone (we missed you Shannon!).

Darrell and Jess said...

well you made it look so easy... maybe I should have one! I'm glad you called me 'jess' - we are friends! :) LOL

Sharla said...

That's really awesome! I think I may have one in the New Year!

CinnamonOpus said...

That looks like it would have been so much fun! I envy you all and your Saskatchewanity -- here in Ontario there is no sense of community among adoptive families whatsoever. But you guys get together all the time and do all this nifty stuff!

And this one is for a great cause, too! Cool!