Thursday, October 2, 2008

Some Things that Amaze Me

1. No Cold Sores - I used to be plagued by cold sores all the time. Thru my teen years and into my early 30's I was guaranteed to get a cold sore every couple of months. I have not gotten one cold sore since we started our adoption - NOT ONE! I am not complaining - it is just weird as they usually appear because I get sick OR from STRESS! And there has been stress....oh yes...lots of STRESS! (cue me knocking on wood)

2. Is it Summer??? - It is October 2 and it is 26 degrees (Celsius) today - this is not normal temps for Saskatchewan in October - there has not been any frost on the car windshield - I wore a skirt to work today - A skirt in October - in Saskatchewan!!! I usually have been wearing socks and pants and sweaters for a while at this point. I am usually bundled up ready to brave the harsh winter I know is bound to come - this year I don't know what to think.

3. Good Finds - If I wait 4 days before purchasing an article of clothing I really liked but decided I shouldn't buy because I really didn't need another hooded top and when I go back to look at again because I can't stop thinking about it - IT WILL BE ON SALE - 50% OFF!!!! Yahoo!

4. Grey's Anatomy will not be on tonight - because of the Vice-presidential debates in the States - really - this trumps Grey's! O.k - I guess so - and I think it will be just as good a time watching these two (Palin and Biden) go head to head. Oh ya, and the Canadian debates for Prime Minister are tonight too - sooo not excited for this - really we are probably just going to get ANOTHER minority government again. I will vote don't worry just not excited about it.

5. Boy Band Resurgence - there seems to be a resurgence of old "Boy" bands as of late - this amazes me because they really aren't BOYS anymore - they are grown men!!!! Case in point New Kids on the Block have a new video out and the song is called "Boyfriend" - really - haven't some of them been or are married and have kids - should they be singing to teens about wanting to be their boyfriends (because lets face it they aren't singing to women their own age) Do you really want to be referred to as a "Boy Band" when you are 40! Don't get me wrong - I loved me some boy bands in the day (Duran Duran) but come on!

6. Madonna - is only 27 days away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. Yvan - Yvan still loves me and tells me he will love until we are old and grey. This last couple of weeks as I seem to be going thru the "10 month blues" I haven't been the easiest person to get along with - so Props to Yvan for not running far, far away as fast he can :)

8. Not much happens in 15 minutes - my blog and message board checking has resumed its feverish pace. Has someone gotten a referral? Did someone get a travel date? Did court open in E? Hmmmmm...ya - not much changes in 15 minutes so I should go back to my checking- only -3- times -a -day habit.

9. Coffee - I don't like coffee - this amazes me because pretty much everyone I know loves coffee and drinks copious amounts of coffee - but not me. I can't stand the bitter taste and I really don't understand those people who add lots of sugar and milk or cream and when I ask "why" they say "because it covers up the coffee taste" - Can you say "CAFFEINE ADDICTION" but I shouldn't point fingers because if I don't have my green tea fix every day - well, let's just say it isn't pretty :) I have had coffee twice at Saba's when they do a coffee ceremony - it is my wish to like coffee as our future child will come from the birthplace of coffee - not working so far.

10. It isn't Friday yet? - really, cause I could have sworn it was - sigh - this week seems to be taking FOREVER!!!!


Julie said...

Boy bands are back? Wasn't it bad enough the first time ? I am addicted to coffee. How do I know? On this past ill fated Monday, when I had to fast for my physical, I had the worst headache of my entire life. I haven't had the bean in two days because I have been too sick. I think it is time I learned how to drink it in moderation. Maybe I will follow your example and substitute the healthier green tea.
It is hot here too, very hot.
Yvan is so cute! Of course he loves you! You are so loveable!
I am checking obsessively too for ANY referral news ANYWHERE. I need a pick me up!
I am also very jealous of your girl's night. That looked like a lot of fun.
Off to watch the debate...
(I feel like we just talked on the phone.)

Kristen & Dave said...

Hey Rana, I also hate coffee and love green tea. I'm always so jealous of coffee drinkers because they seem to enjoy it so much (my hubby is one of them). Okay - short hair, green tea - we have to meet face-to-face - lol!!

Kristen :)

Ramona said...

"I was addicted to coffee" (Or shoudl that say "I am a coffe-ic"?). But have been clean for almost 12 years. (Seriously- in one house I had 3 roomies and 3 coffee pots with different roasts or flavors of coffee).
I am wondering if you can share any great tips on how to get rid of coldsores. My 7 year old has them and we can't get rid of them...

Rana said...

Ramona - My mom also gets cold sores so for me it was hereditary. I have tried everything!! The only product I have found so far that zaps them the moment I feel the tingle is "Tend Skin" - you have to get it from an esthetician. Now everyone is different and not all things work for all people. I really have to be sure I wear lip balm with sunscreen if I burn my lips watch out and I have to be sure to drink lots of water...again if I get dehydrated really badly I am bound to get one. They seemed to be worse during puberty and as I get older they are getting fewer and far between.

Julie - we should talk on the phone sometime (oh now I feel like I am on a dating website - ha ha)

Kristen - I am pretty sure our paths will cross sometime soon ;)

haze said...

It's FRIDAY!!!

Have a great weekend, Rana :-)

Rachella said...

Rana, darling, love you.... but....


*gasp* okay, breathing....

I hate coffee too; I'm all about the chai! Which by the way is thanks to YOU!

Also, you and Yvan are one of my fav couples you are so cute and I always enjoy staying at your place when I am in town.


Rana said...

I LOVE you Rachel - Can't wait to see you and Kely at the end of the month :)

RJ said...

@ aunt used to get cold sores too, and she used 100% Tea Tree Oil on them...I beleive you can pick some up at any can also be used for first aid