Monday, November 28, 2011

It's Been How Long Since My Last Post???

Over two weeks.

It was brought to my attention by a friend who emailed and asked if I was in a blogging malaise again.

Yes. I guess I have been.

Truthfully, it was more of a "OH MY GOD I'M TURNING 40 THIS MONTH!!!" malaise.

I know it is just a number and that you are only as young as you feel.

Fair enough.

I still felt overwhelmed though. In fact, the day before my birthday I had a bit of a cry while driving down the street. I pulled over, called Yvan and blubbered about how I was getting old, blah, blah, blah....

Then the day came and what do you know? I didn't feel one bit different. Hee!

Turning 25 was also a number I remember not liking. A quarter of a century just seemed to keep rolling through my mind and I didn't like it one bit.

And now, well...I'm 40.

Honestly, it feels like 25 was yesterday. I'm not sure how the last 15 years have gone by so fast but they have.

The last year has been a whirlwind. Ade has now been home 10 months today! It feels like we just got off the plane yesterday and walked out into the crowd waiting to greet us.

Having a child does not slow time down. Nope. Not one bit.

If anything time seems to be tick, tick, ticking by at an incredible pace.

When we get up in the morning it as if someone has said "3, 2, 1, GO!!!!!" and off we run trying to get as much into each day as possible. I look back at the weeks and wonder what we actually do and can't remember.

I can only imagine how fast the next 20 years are going to fly by as we watch Ade grow up.

Yikes! And in 20 years I will be 60!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

O.k. I better stop while I am ahead!

So, I'm 40! No big deal.

It's just a number and you're only as young as you feel.

I still feel 25.

Instead of being depressed by turning 40 I decided to embrace it and signed myself up to to do the Sinister 7.

Since doing the Bridge City Beat Down I now know I can do anything I put my mind too.

Yay 40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Wish I could have made your party on the weekend, will have to do a date one of these days!!! Missing you and Ade :) Eden is talking about her cousin lots LOL!

Sarah said...

I totally hear you on the big birthday trauma - I had the same experience earlier this month and didn't feel any different either. Maybe a bit smarter? :)

Missed your posts and glad to see you posting again. And happy 10 months home!

Carolyn said...

10 months already!!! You are right- time flies with wee ones at home. Happy Birthday to you- you make 40 looks fabulous!


Sharla said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I'm approaching 40 and as most of my friends are in their 40s, they all tell me that things are way better in your 40s than your 30s, so I'm not dreading it (much).

I missed your blogging...glad you're back!

Joy said...

Love the family pics on the side of your blog! And...25 was a terrible, terrible birthday for me. 30 was a cinch (almost a relief), 35 was so-so (better than 25), and we'll see what happens from there...

Anyway, congrats on 10 months! Wishing you a joyful and meaningful new year as you move toward one year together as a family :)

Melissa said...

Yay!!! A post :)

CinnamonOpus said...

Feh. I turn 45 this week. It's just a number. Rock your 40s sister friend! They've been the happiest decade of my life so far, and I hope they will be yours too!

Lou said...

Well Rana, although you may be 40, you look like you are 25!

Ranavan and Wee One said...

Awww, thanks Lou!

Anonymous said...

Yay! A Rana-post :)
I second the comment above - you don't look a day over 25!
Happy, Happy Birthday to you.

The Gaboury's said...

Glad you are back, I love reading your blog and you are sooo right 40is just a number and you sooo do not look 40 you look way younger!!!

Karen and Blaise Curry said...

Happy Birthday, I am 40 next week and I am having the same feeling of somewhat unease! Yes I still feel 25 ! Please keep blogging, your stories are very energinzing and comforting.