Monday, May 16, 2011

Adoption Magazine and NandiKids Giveaway


So a pretty fabulous gal who lives in the province next to me started an Adoption Magazine for those folks who have adopted, are in the process of adopting, thinking about adopting or even know someone who is adopting/adopted and wants to better understand what adoption is all about for us Crazy Canucks who live in Canada.

Adoption Magazine

They are doing a giveaway for Nandikids products right now over at the magazine so hop on over and take a peek.

Here's the great thing about this magazine - I didn't know about these hair care products until today.

See. Informative.

Also, they post articles by families who have adopted from all over Canada both internationally and domestically. I always enjoy reading the well written and thought provoking stories. It certainly helps families feel like they aren't in this alone and have a great resource to turn to when needed.

And they even asked if they could post two of my blabblings on their site as well.

Who can believe it!

So go check it out!

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emily said...

thanks a lot Rana! I just went and placed an order at nandikids. Their site is great! Oh how I love online shopping : )