Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Cake That Made Me Cry

Our staff has a get together every year in the summer for a BBQ and pool party - this year the rain managed to stay away long enough for a bite to eat and a dip in the pool.

We were surprised with a celebratory cake for passing court by one of the gals who works with us.

She is very talented when it comes to cake making
and this cake.....

Made. Me. Cry.

Notice the soccer ball for South Africa ('cause of World Cup), Mount Kilimanjaro, the pyramids, and a little desert.

The best part is the little heart for Ethiopia - that just got me!! And so did the little Ethiopian flag and the cute baby giraffe!!!

I pretty much had the ugly cry in front of everyone.

Kristie, the oh-so talented, cake lady showing her cake! Thank you so much Kristie - you are an amazing friend!

I have been pretty quiet on the adoption front lately. It has been hard to blog about my wait knowing there are good friends of mine going through the hardest time right now. I think of these lovely ladies every day - Steph, Lyndsey, Colleen, Alex, Jen, Bonnie and Kelly (and anyone else who might be caught in Oromia) - know there are so many of us sending love and hugs to you!

It has been almost 7 weeks since we passed court. I did really good the first 4 weeks - there were smiles all around.

Now. the anxiousness is creeping back in.

Last week I was a festival of water works again.


We are ready.

Ade needs to come home.

Our docs should be headed to Nairobi next week if all goes well....and then the final step begins.


It used to take 3 weeks to get a visa and now the new norm is anywhere from 6 to 16 weeks.

I'm not going to set myself up for failure by hanging on to the 6 weeks but I'm also hoping with every fibre of my being it won't be the 16 weeks.

As for Ade's room - well..that is a work in progress. I;m having a hard time with it.

I started cleaning it out - moved the office downstairs and just need to get the big furniture out.

Shopping still needs to be done and I really want to get out and do it but I am still so scared something will go wrong. So I am waiting a bit before I really get into it but I promise to post pictures when it is all done.

It has been a long haul and we both feel like our hearts still need protecting. Logically we know he is coming home but when is the bigger question.

Honestly, until he is in our arms, we won't be able to rest easy.


Anonymous said...

Cake almost made me cry too! What a beaut! Thinking of you lots, Rana, as these weeks creep by. I haven't dealt with the same thing, but something similar that gives me an inkling of what you must be feeling, and I know what you mean about not resting easy until he's in your arms. The day is near. Hugs!


BCMommy said...

Goreous cake! I make cakes, so I can tell you a lot of time went into that! How special!

I completely get what you are saying. This process is so nerve-wrangling and I don't think I will feel good about it until my daughter is sleeping in her room. I have visions of getting on the plane and officials chasing us down to take her back...
I hope your visa comes in record time!

Robynhood said...

What a beautiful cake! How thoughtful! I have my fingers crossed that all your paperwork will be finished soon and you will get to fly off into the sunset and bring you little boy home...

Natalie and Chris said...

what a beautiful cake, that would have made me cry as well....actually it almost did and it wasn't even for me...
I completely understand about the baby room. Since our new direction began i've been getting the nursery ready but Chris and I have spoken alot about the risk of having the room ready and what would happen if....I guess we are fragile no matter what stage or journey we are on...I mean how much can our hearts take right..?
I can't wait to see the first family pic. or even the blog post that tells us all you are on the way. You are a much stronger women than you believe yourself to be and will be an amazingly strong mother because of it.

Jess said...

what a thoughtful thing your friend did - that cake is amazing! I would not have wanted to eat it but frame it!
The waiting sucks.... love you!

Brendan and Mary said...

What a beautiful cake and a thoughtful gesture! The end is near, my friend. And we cannot wait to see you holding your precious boy finally.

CinnamonOpus said...

Oh wow. That is beautiful and so thoughtful.

And as for the paperwork... no advice, just lots of good thoughts for your paperwork to be processed quickly. So many people around you are hoping for a timely miracle to help speed your way home with your little boy.

Anonymous said...

I understand the fear... and if you would rather hold off on the room, then think of all the things that will make your life easier when you first get home - and do those!

And that is an awesome cake. Love Mount Kili!

Karen said...

Wow, what an amazing cake-making friend you have! Beyond being a thing of beauty, was the cake yummy too?

I really hope Ade's visa is issued on the quick end of the spectrum. You, Yvan and Ade deserve to have things go your way!


darci said...

beautiful cake, what a wonderful gift. This is a crazy crazy journey. Thinking o fyou often and can't wait to hear the visa news. Soon, soon, soon, I hope! darci

Janice said...

Hi Rana,

I love the cake - that's really special.

Our medical request arrived in E. and we waited about 10.5 weeks. Hopefully yours won't be much longer.

I'm shocked that I don't have Mimi's room ready yet. People keep asking me and I tell them that I've yet to begin. I think I'm holding back just in case but at some point I better get to it. I really want to and I'm excited about it but I'm just holding back.
It's got to be a defense mechanism.


Connie said...

What a great cake! It would make me cry too! It's just so perfect and personalized. I really hope you will have Ade in your arms sooner than you expect.

Alex said...

Thanks Rana for your kind words. I think about you and all of my other sisters-in-waiting a lot too - it's just all so unfair!! Beautiful cake and I am crossing fingers that the visa comes in record time. Enough already.

lyndsey&kevin said...

Hey Rana

I hope your Visa comes REALLY FAST!!! I can't wait to see the pics of your son in your arms! I think it is time to get ready girl.... last minute is crazy.

He IS your son. Believe it.


Claudia said...


Rana, the day you come home with your boy, I swear the whole WORLD will be ugly crying. You've borne this with such patience and grace. Now it's TIME!!! Come on Ade!!!

D Dae said...

Wonderful cake! I totally get the need to protect your heart. Do what makes you comfortable. All he needs when you get home is you, the room is secondary. :)

Colleen said...

Hey Rana,

That is truly the coolest cake EVER...I love it! I am so hoping that you catch a break and get Ade's visa in record time (and Carolyn & Adam too)...your family deserves that! Thanks for thinking of means a lot!



hazel said...

That cake is GORGEOUS!! I love love love it and all its details.

I totally understand how you still need to protect your heart. But try to work on Ade's room a bit at a time because suddenly you will get the notice to travel and be scrambling like a mad woman.

I was showing our Addis pics to Biset today and she was laughing and pointing at her pics with Ade. I can't wait for their reunion :-)

Carolyn said...

TOTALLY AWESOME CAKE!!!!!!! That was so thoughtful. I have my fingers crossed that your visa will come quickly and this long and bumpy road will finally be over!


Nicole Bellefleur said...

That cake just made me cry too!

Sending you my very best wishes for your little guy to come home SOON!!!


Anonymous said...

A thoughtful friend with great cake-making skills is a great friend to have around :)
I can really empathize with the whole 'delayed decorating' phenomenon. You'll get it done when the time is right - no need to force it.
Sending good juju/vibes/prayers for speedy paperwork.
Jen D