Thursday, September 13, 2012


This summer brought a lot of changes. 

It seems not just for us but for many people we know.

I mentioned we were moving.  And we did.  It was a big move even though we only moved about 10 blocks.  We had been in the previous location for 9 years.  Routines had been established, routes had been dog-walked faithfully, and neighbours, while not well know, were faces we knew.

The Husband's brother lived next door to us.  As JG puts it, "it felt like home" knowing he was right there beside us.  The Husband's parents lived a block away.  A 2 minute walk for impromptu visits and family suppers.

I cried.  The day of the move.  The night of the move.  The early morning of the first night in the new house.  I cried. 

This is the home we brought Wee Man to.  He loved this house.  It was his whole world.  It was a very big change for him.  We knew it would be.  His room was his sanctuary and he felt safe. The backyard was his kingdom full of toys and grass to play on. He still calls the house we are in "The New Home" and asks often if we can go back to the old home because he misses it "again, and again, and again!"

We are all starting to settle in.  Slowly.  New routines are being established.  New dog-walking routes are being found.  A yard is slowly starting to emerge.  Quite honestly I think the Wee Man loves to play in the dirt more than he ever did the grass.  We have a fence now so dogs and kidlet can run free in the back yard once more without parents hovering and yelling "Come back here"" or "Don't go over there!"

Summer flew by for Wee Man and I. Not so much for The Husband.

The Husband herniated a disc in his back and has been, well - flat out, since about the end of May.  It has been hard for him.  The pain and discomfort is written all over his face. He is man who likes to work hard, exercise hard, and play hard.  Watching and not being able to be in middle of the action is certainly cramping his style and making life extremely difficult.  We are awaiting surgery, which is not something he wants, but will be necessary to bring his life back to the normalcy we are all used to.

The Wee Man and I took a trip to the west coast to visit Grandma Gloria, family and friends. 

It was a nice, relaxing visit.  Wee Man doesn't get to see Grandma Gloria much being so far away and I think they both enjoyed it.  I even ventured down to Los Angeles for the Crossfit Games  with some friends while Wee Man stayed and played.  I think he had a pretty good time.


If you haven't noticed, Wee Man has grown.  Long gone is the baby/toddler we first met.  In his place is a wee little man full of opinions, laughter, tears, and bravery.  He fears nothing, he loves wholeheartedly and he runs at full speed pretty much all day long.
Now it is fall! The summer is gone and in its place are chilly mornings, cool evenings and warm afternoons in-between.  Students are back in school, leaves are changing colors and geese are getting ready for their long journey south.  The sun is beaming its rays later in the morning and setting earlier at night. 
Change is definitely in the air! 


andrea said...

So nice to see an update and hear you had a great summer (except Y, who I have been thinking about lots). I love seeing all your cross fit photos on Facebook! A looks so happy and healthy (and so do you!). Nice place to be, eh?! A

Karen said...

Oh, sorry about your hubby. No fun. But congrats on being in the new house. It took awhile for me to feel "at home" in our new (old) place, but, now, I can't imagine being anywhere else, including our last home, which also holds lots of important memories/milestones for us.


June said...

hope it's not long before the "new" home just feels like regular home! :) And BOOOOO to herniated discs. :(

Tova said...

You are back! Yay! Hurrah for new homes, it will feel like home soon. Boo! for herniated discs. Be well.

Anonymous said...

Change is a good thing! Glad everything is okay in your world.
Wee Man is getting big and such a cutie. Hi to the Husband! Tell Hazel and Ms. B hi!

Enjoy your day.


Maple Walnut Mama said...

Nice to see you writing again! Been sending lots of 'thrive during change' vibes your way & some pain-free one's to your hubby. As much as I crave change & variety it sends me for a loop everytime. Hope your new house is feeling like home really soon!