Monday, December 12, 2011

22 Days!

That is when I go back to work.

22 days!

I'm still processing the fact we have had Ade with us for almost a year. The year flew by. There were days and weeks at the beginning that were loooooooong but now time whizzes by!

People ask me how I feel about going back to work.

I'm a little bit sad to have to go back to a scheduled work day and not have the time to just go out with Ade and do whatever might strike our fancy.

But, I have come to the realization that I am not a stay-at-home Momma! It is not what I want to do. I want to work some days and be at home some days. So, that is what I am going to do.

I tip my hat to all the Moms who make the choice to stay at home because it is HARD WORK!!! The hardest work of all I think. It is overwhelming for me some days. I find it can be lonely and isolating at times. I'm pretty social so work is also a bit of a social outlet for me. I like to go on adult lunch dates etc. Plus, I actually like working!

Who knew! I like feeling like I am contributing my ideas and abilities to our business. I like watching our business grow, change and prosper. I like to think my ideas, thoughts and creative juices are part of that growth.

This all sounds so selfish. What about Ade? What does he need?

He needs us! He definitely is the happiest when it is the 3 of us together.

However, he LOVES his daycare. We call it school since in essence that is what our daycare is like. He loves the predictability of going to school with Daddy in the mornings. He has been going 3 days a week for a while now to get him ready and he has transitioned really well. Where else can you go about the busy work of playing all day long, with like-minded other little people who truly get you! He has made some wee, little friends - Hannah (whose parents are from Ethiopia), Brooklyn, Oakland, Lucas, and his favourite friend of all, Brett!

Brett is a little girl who is a month older than Ade and they are kindred spirits. They play together all the time and have been known to hold hands all day long. Too cute!

So, Momma gets her adult play on and Ade gets his kidlet play on and then the days we spend together are so much better for it because we miss each other. We always make sure to plan something fun for just the 2 of us!

I am glad I took the full year of work off instead of just the paid Paternity leave of 8 months. We get to experience the Christmas season together fully!

This Christmas is certainly much different from last year and the year before. We are so excited to Ade home and to be able to celebrate with him. No more tears of wanting, anguish and sadness.


Anonymous said...

wow, how did that happen... a whole year! Hope you have a fabulous last few weeks and enjoy the heck out of Christmas!

Carolyn said...

Wow- almost a year already! Enjoy your holidays- you will have so much fun this year!


Melissa said...

It must feel so good to want to go back to work and have a great daycare already established for Ade.

And, I can't imagine how exciting this Christmas will be!!!!

emily said...

Sounds like a really good decision for your whole family!

I can't believe its been a year... wow! Enjoy every moment of this Christmas with Ade.

Sharla said...

I cannot believe that it has been a year already! I am so excited for you to experience Christmas now that Ade is home!

The back-to-work dilemna is not an easy one. It sounds like you have found a solution that is going to work for all of you.

The Gaboury's said...

Enjoy your first Christmas with Ade!!!!! Wow!!! A year, that is great!!!!!!

Maple Walnut Mama said...

A whole year!? Wow! Having been a beneficiary of your creativity & organizational genius, via your business, i would say you have many gifts to offer the world :) Kudo's to you for finding a good rhythm for you & your family!