Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Wee Weezer Fan

I think I have mentioned before that we have Apple T.V. It allows us to stream our music from our computer to our t.v.s through our stereos.

It also shows the album art for each album we are playing if we have the cover downloaded which we usually do.

In the morning when we are getting ready for the day we play music.

Ade loves music! Loves it!

In particular he loves Vampire Weekend, Wolfmother, Micheal Franti, Mumford and Sons, Musegvbbbbbbf...anything with a good guitar rift and upbeat tempo he rocks out to.

I like Weezer and thought Ade might to. So, I played some of their music for him last week.

Like would be an understatement.


Especially, this album!

Can you guess why?

He loves the music because as soon as we turn on the first song he starts pumping his fists (not unlike Jersey shore - sigh) and jumping up and down around the bedroom.

So, I thought to myself if he loves this Weezer album it would be reasonable to assume he would like other Weezer albums too.

So, I played another one.

This one in fact.

And I would be wrong in my assumption.

He was NOT having it.

He pointed at the t.v. and demanded "PUPPY!"

So, back to this album again

And really! Who doesn't like to rock out with a puppy hurtling across the t.v. screen.

So, now we dance party away to Weezer in the mornings!

We have started to teach him how to air guitar too...that will have to be a video post one day because it is AWESOME!


The Gaboury's said...

Love this!!! I would LOVE to see a video of Ade rocking it out on a guitar!!! That would be too adoreable!!!

Melissa said...

I am definitely looking forward to the video! Will a flying dog be involved?

CinnamonOpus said...

That's awesome. The little man has GOOD TASTE!

andrea said...

Too fabulous! Our boys absolutely love singing and dancing too. Waving Flag and Waka Waka have saved me on more than one occasion! Today I'm going to try a few songs from Ade's playlist except maybe the Weezer, as we're not big fans!). A

Anonymous said...

So cute! I would love to see a video.

Nif said...

Excellent music taste little man!!!