Friday, January 7, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess I hate green candies. They remind me of boogers! Whether it be green life savers or jujubes, or smarties or suckers! I hate ALL the green candies...they are gross. Ha ha! Now you're all going to think of boogers when you eat green candies.

I confess I sometimes speak or write before I think and it gets me in trouble. I believe in honesty and sometimes I need to zip it and just say things in my mind.

I confess we are watching "The Long Way Round" right now with Ewan MacGregor and Charley Boorman and it is amazing! I now would love to go to Mongolia and spend some time there.

I confess we got Netflix this week and I am really enjoying it. Sure the movies are little older but hey for $8 a month it is all good by me.

I confess my friend posted this link - - on a blog comment the other day and it made laugh so hard. Seriously to the point where I was crying!

I confess I am tricking you - I might be gone already - then again maybe I am not - or maybe we have gone and come back already!

I confess January is usually the worst month for me...after the excitement and merriment of Christmas...January is usually boring and cold. But this January...this January is different!

I confess it is getting to be "that" time of the month and as usual I am getting over emotional about everything..for the love all things holy everything makes me cry!

I confess I love popcorn. I do not, however, love the little husks that get stuck in my teeth and then drive me crazy for hours...yes, I know floss will do the trick but I much prefer the challenge of trying to get those little buggers out with my tongue.

I confess I have officially been "chocolated out" why do I do it every year! Eat way to much and ruin it for myself.

I confess I could use a Mojito or a Martini right now - all this rushing around getting ready for a trip I may or may not be on right now has me wanting to sit and relax with a cocktail for a least 15 min.

I confess I am not ready - all this time spent moaning and groaning about our wait and subsequent trials and tribulations when...I SHOULD HAVE BEEN PREPARING!!!!!

I confess even if I was preparing all this time - I WOULD STILL FEEL UNPREPARED!

I confess I got my last vaccinations the other day for our trip and my arm was so sore - it felt like someone had been hitting in the arm repeatedly for an hour with a try swinging a kettle bell at the gym with said sore arm...ya! Not fun! I tried to explain my Typhoid arm was the problem but I don't think the peeps at the gym were buying it.


Shawn and Laura said...

Yay, first comment. Always impressive when I know you get dozens of comments :)

Have a wonderful trip! I can't wait to hear about you meeting Ade.


turgeonexpansion said...

Ahem, green candies are the best. Don't argue with me. I could take you down in a candy fight.

And I love that you're unprepared. That is the motto of motherhood. You never know what's going to hit you next. How can you prepare for the biggest change of your life? You can try, but it's always a 180 from what you can try to expect!

# more days!!! WOOHOO!!!

Kari --- said...

Are you talking about the site: ??? I LOVE that site!

wholetthishappen said...

I think this might be your best confession yet! Kept me HIGHLY entertained. Green candies? Hmmm...going to have to try eating one now.

Oh, and the Long way round, and long way down movies are awesome, aren't they? My husband always starts dreaming of doing something like that though...I've told him, NO WAY, until I can come. :)

wholetthishappen said...

Oh, and I do exactly the same thing with popcorn. A love/hate relationship with it. And no, floss doesn't get pulled out until I'm really irritated.

Keltie said...

Is this our last confession Friday before you are confessing to being in total and utter live with your sweet baby boy's face?

darci said...

oh typhoid..that KILLED me (well ok not literally!).

Ramona said...

was it it the typhoid one? That was the worst!

And you aren't ready??? As we were about to meet our children, I looked at Hazel and announced how I so wasn't ready for this... And I don't think you ever can be completely ready, but hey, you've got the rest of your life to get ready! Just go hold him!!!


Carolyn said...

I agree with Rhonda- Green candies are delish!!! You will never feel prepared no longer how long you wait- some days I still think I am not prepared for what Leul throws at me! I also HATE January but this year is is better because you will become a Forever Family!


lovesmukiwa said...

I am not a fan of ANY green candies - with the exception of green peanut m and m's!
Good luck to you - if you are on your trip or not! Totally thrilled for you still :)

CinnamonOpus said...


Seriously. Green candy is my favourite.

I watched LWR (and LWD) a couple years ago (Christmas prezzies) and loved them! Feeds my love of travel stories. The books are good too. The only thing I didn't like was Ewan MdGregor's wife -- what a princess! Ick. Oh well. Can't wait for Long Way Up! (I think that's what it will be; I forget.)

hazel said...

You would have HATED the fruit bread I ate yesterday. Someone brought it into the office and it had those green candied cherries {which I normally hate but actually ate them (too lazy & hungry to pick them out) and they were good].


Also - YAY for January! And I concur with everyone - you could never be really prepared for this trip - the one to Ethiopia and the one into motherhood.

Melissa said...

I confess that I love green candies and have no maximum chocolate limit. *sigh*

boltupright said...

I will make the sacrifice and eat your green candies for you. You may ship them any time.

Sharla said...

I confess that I read that same blog that made you laugh and I almost peed myself! I had tears streaming down my face and had to stop reading at the end of the first page.

I confess that I hope that you had this post auto-ready to post and that you are nowhere near your home computer. I confess that I really enjoy your Confession Friday posts.

P.S. Green candies are my favouritest!

lyndsey&kevin said...

I think you should STILL just say what you MEAN... honesty is ALWAYS best... this was just your period talking... soon you will be like. YEAH I said it and I MEANT it...

I agree on the popcorn... so good and yet so annoying. Popcorn is like MEN.

Hugs to you on your amazing adventure!!

BCMommy said...

Ah, the green candy it a yummy lime flavoured jelly bean, or does it taste like minty mouth wash? Same goes for that a tasty cherry gumdrop, or a burn-my-tongue cinnamon gumdrop. Beware the red and green, I say.

Get used to being unprepared...I was unprepared for being barfed on this morning at my own bed. Totally randomly barfed on, and then the 5 year old in question happily went off and played cars. Whatever.


Janice said...

I don't think you can ever be prepared to start to preparing to go and bring home your child. I didn't start to relax until we were on the plane. Our first flight went from Ottawa to Toronto and once in Toronto we settled in with a few cocktails to wait for the next flight. It was beyond exciting.

I loved the Long Way Round too. It made me like Ewan M. that much more.

Happy January! I can't wait to see a photo of you with your son.

Green candies are my least favourite.


andrea said...

Hmmm... you may have spoiled a few green candies for me (that I can probably do without anyway), but nothing will stop me from eating the green smarties and M&Ms!

PS. Don't ever think you should not tell us how you feel or what you're thinking. You are always honest, funny, thoughtful and insightful and I love hearing your thoughts on things... A