Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Plantings in my Mind

The inbetween is hard!

And by inbetween I mean in between the times when we find out information from our agency to the next time we get an update.

The inbetween time is not good on my psyche.

It can be days or even a week or more before we hear something new.

During the inbetween time my brain goes into overdrive...it starts out postively and I am usually very pumped about the news we received (well if it is positive anyways which it was last time we talked to them)...

...but then that little bugger named doubt creeps in!

It starts digging little tunnels in my brain and planting the 'what if' seeds throughout.

Once the 'what if' seeds start to grow they blossom into 'this is never going to happen' stalks....

When the 'this is never going to happen' stalks grow the 'we are going to live a life without kids' beans flourish!

By the time I hit the 'we are going to live a life without kids' phase...well...let just say the garden overflows with salt water...which is never very good for growing things.

I am in the 'what if' stage right now as it has been about 2 days since we have had an update (and ya, two days in my world right = 2 months).

I really can't wait to start planting the 'how will I decorate his room' seeds which will quickly be followed by the 'looking for flights to Ethiopia' stems which eventually leads to the 'we are home with our beautiful son' blossom.

It really is time our garden had at least one beautiful flower growing in it!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Cup of Chai Tea Anyone?

I have much to say but the superstitious side of me won't let me type it out on my keyboard...I have tried but it always stops me.

There is much going on...I want to share it but I don't want to jinx it (anyone see that "How I met Your Mother" episode? If you did you know what I am talking about it...if you didn't well don't tell me there isn't such a thing as jinxes...o.k? O.k. ;)

One day soon though, I hope we can all sit down and have a cup of tea together, even if it is virtually, and I will divulge all....I promise...I am hoping to be able to do that sooner, rather than later....oooooh I hope I haven't said too much!

P.S. excuse the hair - I am trying to grow it out so it will be easier to manage with a wee one and this is a post work-out do - it goes curly the minute any kind of moisture hits it aka sweat.

P.P. S I am supposed to tell you I am talking to my sis-in-law while I write this - she says "Hi".

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Today at the gym...

....I cried.

In front of a bunch of people I don't know.

I cried.

We were alternating between deadlifts and pullups and somewhere in between all the emotion I had in me from seeing the new photos of Ade last night just spilled over.

Right in front of the entire noon group...(oh we just started this thing called crossfit and you work out in groups)...anyways I am the new girl at the gym and now I am the new "crying girl" at the gym.

And the pictures...oh the pictures...they are amazing...

He is growing so much...

Changing so much...

We are missing so much...

....so I cried.

At the gym...

...in front of a bunch of people I don't know.

At least while the tears were flowing, I was able to deadlift 130lbs and do 7 pullups using only purple and black bands!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Welcome Home Hazel and Ramona

Hazel and her beautiful daughter Biset are finally home!!!!!

So are Ramona, Linc, Paulos and Meskerem to join Jaydi and Tristan as a unit of 6!!!!!

Welcome home families!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Johnny Depp...Sigh!!

Tonight I am going to escape to the wonderful, magical, twisted world of Alice in Wonderland as seen thru the eyes of Tim Burton.

Maybe I will like it down the rabbit hole and never come back ;)